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Vibrant and Dynamic

Our Community

NYU Stern is a business school with a tight-knit community, the resources of a big university, and the opportunities of a major city.

Be Part of a Dynamic Community

NYU Stern's doctoral students constitute a small, but highly dynamic and diverse community of scholars in training who thrive in an atmosphere of intellectual rigor, collaboration and support. Students come from diverse cultural, educational and professional backgrounds, but all of them share a passion for asking and answering important questions.

The small size of the program and culture of mutual support fosters close-knit, supportive friendships among colleagues. Meanwhile, the wider community of NYU and New York City provides almost limitless avenues for PhD students to explore individual interests.

The Community at NYU Stern

Stern Ph.D. students enter a highly personalized academic environment. With 5 to 25 students per department, and a supportive environment that starts with the faculty, students develop collaborative and supportive relationships with one another. Over the course of the program, students not only become life-long friends and colleagues with their classmates, but they become respected colleagues of the faculty.

Students interact regularly with students in other Stern departments through classes, reading groups, and program-wide social events, like Ph.D. office-sponsored happy hours at local pubs and Ph.D. student-organized athletics events. Students are also integral members of the Stern School as a whole, as full members of their academic department, participants in conferences, and instructors or TAs for Stern undergraduate and MBA students.

The Community at NYU

Stern Ph.D. students are integrated in the wider NYU community as well. Through attending classes, conferences, and speakers at the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Stern Ph.D. students are part of the larger community of more than 25,000 graduate students university-wide. And with NYU's 300+ cultural and social clubs, sports activities and performing arts opportunities, NYU offers many ways for graduate students to find a sense of community and social life.

The New York City Community

New York City, of course, is also one of the world's premier destinations. From its Washington Square campus in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYU Stern is within easy reach of everything that makes the city such an exciting and inspiring place to call home. Whether it's cultural diversity, art, theater, dining, music, sports, or sight-seeing, New York's treasures and pleasures are hard to exhaust.

Student Life

Life at NYU is vibrant and dynamic. See what we have to offer.

Student & Alumni Perspectives

Discover more about our program through student and alumni voices.