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Elizabeth Morrison, Steve Blader, and Raghu Sundaram at faculty awards dinner
Management & Organizations

Faculty in the News

Our faculty are thought leaders in their respective fields, key voices in shaping how managers and organizations navigate today’s dynamic business environment. Mentions of their research and some recent media appearances include:

May 2023

  • Co-authored research from Professor Robert Seamans is featured: “Type in Your Job to See How Much AI Will Affect It.”

  • Research from Professor Gavin Kilduff is cited: “Rivalries Make Us Stronger.”

April 2023

  • Professor Dolly Chugh podcast interview: “Dolly Chugh on Striving to be Goodish.”

  • Joint research from Professor Robert Seamans is referenced: “A.I. Is Coming for Lawyers, Again.”

  • Commentary from Professor Suzy Welch is cited: “HARROP: Gen Z Ready to Don Gray Flannel Suit.”

  • Professor Robert Seamans interview: “Why Some College Professors Are Adopting ChatGPT AI as Quickly as Students.”

  • Joint research from Professor Robert Seamans is highlighted: “Software Didn’t Eat the World.”

  • Adjunct Professor Steven Altman podcast interview: “The Weekly Briefing: How Much Trouble Is Globalization In?”

  • Professor Anat Lechner interview: “The CEOs of Uber and Starbucks Are Picking Up Frontline Shifts. The Trend Is a ‘No-Brainer’ for Driving Employee Satisfaction.”

  • PhD candidate Julia Coff interview: "Worried About Backdoor Layoffs? Try Career Cushioning."

  • Professor Melissa Schilling interview: “Will Short-Term Financial Pressures Complicate the Transition to Sustainable Business Models?”

  • Professor Gavin Kilduff podcast interview: “Deep Focus and Play.”

March 2023

  • Professor Suzy Welch video interview: “Career Expert Suzy Welch: Use These Tips to Recession-Proof Your Job and Avoid Getting Laid Off.”
  • Professor Dolly Chugh podcast interview: “The Many Benefits of a ‘Paradox Mindset.’”
  • New, joint research from Professor Robert Seamans is featured: “These Are the Jobs Most Vulnerable to AI, Researchers Say.”
  • Professor L. Taylor Phillips interview: “Embracing Allyship to Build Bridges in the Workplace.”
  • Professor Michael North interview: “The Most Important Factor for Predicting Cohesion and Conflict at Work.”
  • Professor Dolly Chugh interview: “How to Confront Our Nation’s Past.”
  • Professor Robert Seamans interview: “ChatGPT Has the Tech Industry Chasing Hype, But There Are Risks.”
  • Professor Michael North interview: “Companies' Push to Attract Millennials Fueling Age-Discrimination Suits.”
  • Professor Melissa Schilling interview: “Will Generative AI Create a New Era of Search Competition?”
  • New, joint research from the DHL Initiative on Globalization at the Center for the Future of Management is featured: “DHL Digs Into Trade Data to Track U.S.-China Decoupling.”
  • Joint research from Professor Robert Seamans is cited: “If You’re Not Using ChatGPT For Your Writing, You’re Probably Making a Mistake.”

February 2023

  • Recent commentary from Professor Robert Seamans is spotlighted: “Bernie Sanders Says He Agrees With Bill Gates That the Government Should 'Tax the Robots' Replacing Workers.”
  • Joint research from Professor Michael North is featured: “Adding Age (A) to DEI Is a Good IDEA.”
  • Research from the DHL Initiative on Globalization at the Center for the Future of Management is cited: “Beijing Needs to Junk Its Economic Playbook.”
  • Research from Professor Dolly Chugh is cited: “How to Say the Right Thing in Tricky Workplace Conversations.”
  • Joint research from Professor Gino Cattani is spotlighted: “Outsider's Advantage: Lessons for U.S. Brands From U.K. Creatives.”

January 2023

December 2022

  • Professor Melissa Schilling interview: “What Do Strategy Experts Think of Elon Musk’s Twitter Blue Policy?”
  • Professor Anat Lechner interview: “Ireland Fines Meta More Than $275 Million for Failing to Protect User Data.”
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg interview: “How Over-Hiring During the Pandemic Led to the Rash of Layoffs in 2022.”
  • Professor Dolly Chugh’s book, “A More Just Future,” is spotlighted: “Behavioral Scientist’s Notable Books of 2022.”

November 2022

  • PhD student Julia Coff op-ed: "How Working Remotely Can Bring Workers Closer Together."
  • Professor Anat Lechner interview: “Twitter Spent Years Building Its Staff. Under Musk, Job Cuts Have Already Begun.”
  • Professor Dolly Chugh interview: “How to Love a Country With a Complicated History.”
  • Professor Michael North interview: “Is the Language in Your Job Descriptions Turning Away Older Applicants?”
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg interview: “Types of Minimum Viable Product and How To Build It.”
  • Professor Dolly Chugh podcast interview: “The Psychology of Good People with Social Psychologist Dolly Chugh.”
  • Professor Melissa Schilling interview: “Tech Giants Are Axing Their Experimental Projects. That Could Cost Them in the End.”
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg video interview: “Re-hiring the Former CEO Does Not Send a Positive Signal: Ari Ginsberg.”

October 2022

September 2022

August 2022

  • Professor Julianna Pillemer interview: “Americans Are Breaking Up With Their Work Friends.”
  • Professor Steven Altman interview: “A New Globalization Calculus."
  • Professor Batia Wiesenfeld interview: “Telehealth Is Burning Out Doctors.” 
  • Co-authored research from Professor Batia Wiesenfeld is featured: “Telehealth Can Burden Physicians, NYU Research Finds.” 

July 2022

  • Professor Frances Milliken interview: “The Companies Doubling Down on Remote Work.” 
  • Professor Anat Lechner interview: “Mandatory Time Off: When Taking Holiday is Part of the Job.” 
  • Professor Julia Hur interview: “Cardiologists’ Incomes Bounce Back From Pandemic: Survey.” 
  • Professor Anat Lechner interview: “Pandemic Darlings Try to Get Past ‘the Party’s Over.’” 
  • Joint research from the DHL Initiative on Globalization at the Center for the Future of Management is referenced: “In the New World Disorder, Trade Risks Are Higher.” 
  • Professor Melissa Schilling is quoted in a piece examining the future of online MBAs: "Will Online Supplant Traditional MBAs? Experts Weigh In."

June 2022

May 2022

  • Professor Steven Altman and Research Scholar Caroline Bastian co-authored op-ed: “Trade Regionalization: More Hype Than Reality?” 
  • Joint research from Professors Frances Milliken and Elizabeth Morrison is spotlighted: “The Importance of Psychological Safety.”
  • Professor Robert Seamans interview: “Walmart Expanding Drone Service To Reach 4 Million Homes.”
  • Professor Sonia Marciano interview: “The Smoke and Mirrors of Unlimited Paid Time Off.” 
  • Insights from Professor Ari Ginsberg are highlighted: “The 2022 Disruptor 50: How We Chose the List of Companies. 
  • Professor Anat Lechner interview: “Internet Slams 'Entitled' Boss for Not Speaking to Employee Who Resigned.”
  • Professor Michael North in-depth Q&A interview, one of three Stern professors recognized, most among top B-schools: "2022 Best 40-Under-40 MBA Professors: Michael S. North, NYU Stern School of Business."
  • Professor Dolly Chugh interview: “Experts Say Women Spend 200 More Hours at Work on Tasks That Don't Help Their Career. Here's How They Suggest Saying No.”

April 2022

March 2022

February 2022

  • Professor Michael North interview: “How to Combat Ageism at Work.”
  • Professor Anat Lechner interview: “The Taboo of 'Selling Out' for a Better-Paying Job.”
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg interview: “​IRS Retreats From Facial Recognition Plan After Pushback.”
  • Joint research from MBA and Graduate Programs Vice Dean JP Eggers is cited: “Lessons From the Road to Super Bowl LVI for Enterprise and Markets.”
  • Professor Belén Villalonga interview: “Privatizing PDVSA isn’t the Right Solution for Venezuela…Yet.”

January 2022

  • Professor Steven Altman interview: “Disconnected: The Data That Shows That Argentina Is One of the Least Integrated Countries in the World.”
  • Professor Christina Fang interview: “The Once-in-a-Lifetime Crisis.”
  • Joint research from Professor Michael North is cited: “CV Ageism: Can You Be the 'Wrong’ Age for a Job?”
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg interview: “Even Trump's Son Praises This Man: New York's Mayor is Considered a Beacon of Hope for the Democrats.”
  • Professors Ashish BhatiaL. Taylor Phillips and Matt Statler co-authored op-ed: “Our 20th-Century Thinking is Outdated.”
  • NYU Stern's recent innovations and program launches are highlighted; Vice Dean of MBA and Graduate Programs JP Eggers is quoted: "10 Business Schools To Watch In 2022."
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg interview: “Adam Neumann: The Fallen WeWork Star Is Working on His Comeback.”
  • Professor Anat Lechner podcast interview: “We're Working Ourselves to Death. Sometimes Literally. But Why?”
  • Professor L. Taylor Phillips co-authored op-ed: “How Benefiting From Discrimination Contributes to Inequality.”

December 2021

November 2021

October 2022

  • Vice Dean of Executive Programs Robert Salomon op-ed, citing research from the DHL Initiative on Globalization: “How the World Stays Open for Business.”
  • Commentary from Professor Robert Seamans is highlighted: “Collecting Information on Artificial Intelligence.”
  • Professor Dolly Chugh podcast interview: “How to Let Go of Being a ‘Good’ Person.”
  • Commentary from Professor Melissa Schilling is mentioned: “Has COVID-19 Permanently Changed Business Strategy? What Experts Say.”
  • Commentary from Professor Robert Seamans is highlighted: “Robot Tax: Innovation vs. Social Adaption of Automation.”

September 2021

August 2021

  • Professor Hanna Halaburda interview: “Diversification is the Key to Investing in Stocks and Bonds. Here's Why it Can Work for Crypto, Too.”
  • Professor L. Taylor Phillips interview: “Who Wants To Return To The Office?”
  • Joint research from Professor Gino Cattani is featured: “Study: Artistic Acknowledgment Depends on a Signature Style or the Pace of Outputs.”
  • Professor Hanna Halaburda interview: “Mark Cuban and Elon Musk Agree on the Merits of Dogecoin. Crypto Experts Have a Different Opinion.”

July 2021

  • Professor Robert Seamans podcast interview: “When Will Autonomous Cars Become Reality?”
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg interview: “Amazon CEO Andy Jassy Is Inheriting a Behemoth That is Under Siege.”
  • New MS in Organization Management & Strategy and MS in Marketing & Retail Science programs offered jointly by NYU Shanghai and NYU Stern are highlighted; NYU Stern Dean Raghu Sundaram is quoted: "NYU Stern & NYU Shanghai Launch 2 New Business Master’s Programs."
  • Professor Hanna Halaburda interview: “The Fed’s Digital Dollar Could Bring Millions Into the Digital Economy.”
  • Joint research from Professor Michael North and PhD student Angela Shakeri is featured: “Is a ‘Societal Reckoning of the Generational Divide’ Upon Us? This Top 50 Undergraduate Professor Says Yes.”

June 2021

  • Joint research from Professor Luís Cabral is spotlighted: “Stack Overflow Just Sold For $1.8 Billion—But Its Value to Job Seekers Is Incalculable.”
  • Joint research from the DHL Initiative on Globalization at the Center for the Future of Management is featured: "Re-Globalization, With Hiccups.”
  • Professor Deepak Hegde video interview: “Almost 5 Million Businesses in the U.S. Launched Since COVID-19 Pandemic Began.”
  • Professor Hanna Halaburda interview: “The Future of Money: The Digital Currency Revolution Is Here, and May Sweep Away 5,000 Years of Monetary History.”
  • Professor L. Taylor Phillips co-authored op-ed: “Fighting Backlash to Racial Equity Efforts.”
  • Professor Deepak Hegde interview: “Why Now Is the Best Time to Start a Business.”

May 2021

  • Insights from Professor Ari Ginsberg are highlighted: “The 2021 CNBC Disruptor 50: How We Chose the List of Companies.”
  • Professor Hanna Halaburda interview: “How To Prepare for the Next Bitcoin Crash.”
  • Professor Batia Wiesenfeld interview: “Are You Working in a Fractured Organisation?”

April 2021

  • Professor Adam Brandenburger co-authored op-ed: “The Rules of "Co-opetition.”
  • Professor Hanna Halaburda interview: “You Can Buy Bitcoin on Venmo Now. Should You?”
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg interview: “From Startup to $67 Billion Company, 3 Lessons From Moderna's Vaccine Success.”
  • Joint research from Professor Michael North is spotlighted: “Older People Are the One Group Egalitarians Discriminate Against.”

March 2021

February 2021

  • Professor Beth Bechky’s book, “Blood, Powder, and Residue,” is reviewed: “The Tyranny of Evidence in ‘The Little Things’ and ‘Blood, Powder, and Residue.’”
  • Joint research from Professor Robert Seamans is cited: “Opportunity Zones Don't Boost Economic Activity, Research Says.”

January 2021

  • Joint research from Professors Ashish Bhatia & Natalia Levina is featured: “Study of University Entrepreneurship Programs by NYU Professors Explores Value of Varying Approaches.” (American Entrepreneurship Today)
  • Joint research from PhD student Michael Impink is highlighted: “Is a Home Office Actually More Productive? Some Workers Think So.” (WSJ)
  • Professor Julianna Pillemer co-authored op-ed: “How to Help (Without Micromanaging).” (HBR)
  • New, joint research from the DHL Initiative on Globalization at the Center for the Future of Management is featured: “Why COVID-19 Shows the Future Not the End of Globalization.” (World Economic Forum blog)
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg interview: “A Trump Post-Presidency Tie to NYC.” (Our Town Downtown)
  • Professor Robert Seamans interview: “Ideas for a New New York.” (City & State New York)
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg interview: “How Do All-inclusive Resorts Make Money?”
  • Professor Beth Bechky’s new book, “Blood, Powder, and Residue,” is reviewed: “What Really Happens Inside a Crime Lab?”
  • Joint research from the DHL Initiative on Globalization at the Center for the Future of Management is featured: “Globalization Does Not Die, Only Adapts Wisely.”

December 2020

  • New, joint research from the DHL Initiative on Globalization at the Center for the Future of Management is featured: “Singapore Ranks Second in Global Connectivity: DHL GCI.” (Singapore Business Review)
  • Professor Robert Seamans op-ed: “Thankfully, the Stimulus Package Includes Broadband Funds.” (Forbes)
  • New, joint research from the DHL Initiative on Globalization at the Center for the Future of Management is highlighted: “Container Shipping is Booming Again. That Probably won’t Last.” (Bloomberg)
  • Recent commentary from Professor Robert Seamans is spotlighted: “Uber Didn’t Sell its Self-driving Dream — It’s Just Outsourcing the Hard Work.”(The Next Web)
  • Recent commentary from Professor Michael North is highlighted: “3 Hidden Biases HR Should Be Aware Of.” (HRMonline)
  • Professor Gino Cattani podcast interview: “Innovation and Evolution in Business Strategy.” (Researchpod)
  • Joint research from PhD student Michael Impink is referenced: “The Pandemic is Widening a Corporate Productivity Gap.” (HBR)
  • New, joint research from Professor Steven Altman and Research Scholar Phillip Bastian, highlighting efforts from the DHL Initiative on Globalization at the Center for the Future of Management is spotlighted: “Reports of Globalisation’s Death are Greatly Exaggerated.” (Financial Times)
  • Achieving a record high, five Stern faculty are recognized, including Professors Aleksander Aleszczyk, Alixandra Barasch, Andrea Bonezzi, Michael North and L. Taylor Phillips: "Poets & Quants Top 50 Undergraduate Professors Of 2020." (Poets & Quants)
  • Professor Robert Seamans interview: “In Fits and Starts, De Blasio Moves Toward Internet Goal Set in 2014.” (Gotham Gazette)
  • Professor Ashish Bhatia video interview: “Keeping Businesses Afloat During COVID.” (MSNBC)
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg interview: “Airbnb, in Filing for IPO, Warns of Profitability Challenges Ahead.” (CoStar News)

November 2020

  • Joint research from PhD student Michael Impink is referenced: “Employers Give Employees the Gift of Time.” (SHRM Magazine)
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg interview: “At Least 22% More Office Space Available for Sublease, LI Brokers Say.” (Newsday)
  • Professor Dolly Chugh op-ed: “How to Have More Inclusive Meetings Over Zoom.” (TED Ideas)
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg interview: “WeWork Cofounder Invests $30 Million in Residential Startup Alfred.” (CoStar News)

October 2020

  • Joint research from PhD student Michael Impink is referenced: “Can I Actually Be Missing the Commute?” (The New York Times)
  • New, joint research from Professor Gino Cattani is highlighted: “The Interplay Between Status and Social Proximity in Peer Evaluations.” (
  • Joint research from PhD student Michael Impink is cited: “25 Small and Midsize Companies with the Best Work-life Balance, According to Employees.” (Business Insider)
  • Professor Anat Lechner is spotlighted by alumnus Eaton J. Kuh (MBA ‘20): “Favorite Professors Of The Executive MBA Class of 2020.” (Poets & Quants)
  • Research from Professor Dolly Chugh is mentioned: “Disruption, Accessibility and Digital Generational Literacy.” (Inside Higher Ed)
  • Joint research from Professor Robert Seamans and Postdoctoral Fellow Rachel Marie Brooks Atkins is highlighted: “The Surprisingly Limited Success of Trump’s Signature Anti-Poverty Program.” (Politico)

September 2020

  • Joint research from Professor Sinziana Dorobantu is cited: “Three Leadership Lessons from Working on the Front Lines During the Pandemic.” (Medium)
  • Insights from Professor Dolly Chugh are highlighted: “How to Hold Your Own in Zoom Meetings.”
  • Professor Michael North in-depth Q&A interview: “Myths and Management of the Multigenerational Workforce. (SmartBrief)
  • Recent commentary from Postdoctoral Fellow Rachel Marie Brooks Atkins is cited: “The Unintended Consequences of #SupportBlackBusiness.” (Vox)
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg video interview: "COVID-19 Hits New York’s Commercial Real Estate Market as Cases Drop.” (Channel News Asia)

August 2020

  • Professor Julianna Pillemer co-authored op-ed: "Bargain with Feelings." (Harvard Business Manager)
  • Joint research from PhD student Michael Impink analyzing how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the typical workday is featured. (Bloomberg)
  • In a podcast interview, Postdoctoral Fellow Rachel Marie Brooks Atkins discusses Black entrepreneurship. (The Debrief podcast)
  • In a co-authored op-ed, Professors Ashish Bhatia and Natalia Levina assert that business schools must adopt new teaching philosophies designed to forge agile, entrepreneurial leaders amid an increasingly uncertain and complex future; Stern's Endless Frontier Labs is cited. (Harvard Business Review)
  • In a co-authored op-ed, Professor L. Taylor Phillips illustrates how the COVID-19 pandemic offers the United States a rare opportunity to create a stronger, more equitable society. (Behavioral Scientist)
  • Joint research from PhD student Michael Impink exploring how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the nature of work is highlighted. (CNN)
  • Joint research from PhD student Michael Impink addressing how the coronavirus pandemic has changed working lives is referenced. (The Economist)

July 2020

  • Professor Ari Ginsberg is quoted in a story exploring the financial fallout among small businesses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Vox)
  • Professor Gavin Kilduff shares key highlights from his research addressing why rivalries develop and how they affect decision-making. (European CEO)
  • In a radio interview, postdoctoral fellow Ashli Carter examines the causes and consequences of cultural borrowing and appropriation.(NPR)
  • Professor L. Taylor Phillips highlights key takeaways from her recent, joint research addressing class privilege. (Salon)
  • Key takeaways from Professor Batia Wiesenfeld’s co-authored research on organizational identification among virtual workers are referenced. (HBR)
  • In an in-depth feature, Professor Ari Ginsberg explains how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way he approaches teaching entrepreneurship. (Business Insider)
  • In a featured podcast interview, Professor Arun Sundararajan discusses his recent research with PhD student Manav Raj and Uber Eats, which underscores the importance digital platforms had in ensuring business continuity and providing future resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic for SMB restaurants while weighing in on what Uber’s acquisition of Postmates means for the sharing economy. (Protocol)
  • Takeaways from Professor Dolly Chugh's book, "The Person You Mean To Be," are covered. (Inside Hook)

June 2020

  • Five winning student venture teams from Stern's $300K Entrepreneurs Challenge, hosted annually by the Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship, are spotlighted in a feature story; Professors Deepak Hegde and Cynthia Franklin explain how the competition helps equip students with the skills and guidance needed to navigate through the startup process, from idea to launch. (American Entrepreneurship Today)
  • In a radio interview, Professor Robert Seamans discusses his research with PhD student Michael Impink on the impact of AI on the human workforce. (The Academic Minute)
  • In a joint op-ed, Professor Matthew Lee offers three solutions to help impact investors reduce the effects of bias. (Stanford Social Innovation Review)
  • In a podcast interview, Professor Dolly Chugh discusses key insights from her book, "The Person You Mean to Be." (The Happiness Lab)
  • Professor Dolly Chugh is recognized on Poets & Quants' "Favorite MBA Professors Of The Class of 2020" list.
  • Professor Batia Wiesenfeld offers insights on how pay and promotion outcomes are impacted by primarily working from home versus working in the office. 
  • Postdoctoral Fellow Rachel Marie Brooks Atkins cites findings from her research including that Black and white households with similar financial resources do not have equal access to commercial loans.
  • A paper by Taylor Phillips and Brian Lowery titled "I ain’t no fortunate one: On the motivated denial of class privilege." was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
  • In a podcast interview, Professor Dolly Chugh shares key takeaways from her book, "The Person You Mean To Be." 
  • In a video interview, Professor Anat Lechner offers her perspective on how the coronavirus crisis has changed the way we work in the short-term and long-term.
  • Professor Deepak Hegde, Director of Stern’s Endless Frontier Labs (EFL), explains why there is no "one-size-fits all" approach to scaling a startup and outlines the fundamentals of growing a business, citing an example from EFL.
  • Joint research from Professor Nathan Pettit addressing how social status changes over time and impacts work hierarchies is cited. 
  • Joint research from Professor Julia Hur examining the discrepancy between predicted versus actual advisor selection decisions is featured.
  • Research from Professor Lisa Leslie exploring the success of diversity initiatives is spotlighted.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow Rachel Marie Brooks Atkins is quoted in an article examining why Black-owned restaurants are seeing a surge of interest and support. 
  • In a video interview, Professor Anat Lechner notes that workers have proven to be productive in non-traditional remote setups amid the coronavirus crisis.
  • Professor Dolly Chugh comments on how implicit biases are a normal part of one's thought process and come from messaging that has been internalized over the course of their lives. 

May 2020

  • In a co-authored op-ed, Professors Michael North and Batia Wiesenfeld offer three solutions to prevent COVID-19 from creating an irreversible generational divide. 
  • Professor Robert Seamans' recent comments on how to effectively reduce the digital divide are mentioned.
  • Professor Melissa Schilling's remarks on how Sundar Pichai may approach his position as the CEO of Alphabet are cited. 
  • In an op-ed, Professor Robert Seamans lays out three policy recommendations to help reduce the digital divide that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Professor Deepak Hegde, Director of Stern’s Endless Frontier Labs, discusses how weakening links between employers and employees could put the American economy in a fragile position when the global economy restarts following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

April 2020

  • Professor Robert Seamans hosted a workshop on AI in Strategic Management, producing tips and ideas for managers and businesses from the latest business strategy research. 
  • Joint research from Professor Frances Milliken on the effects of diversity in organizational groups is referenced.
  • In a co-authored op-ed, Professor Luis Cabral and Professor Deepak Hegde, Director of Stern’s Endless Frontier Labs, assert that the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is not effectively stopping job losses and instead recommend that the U.S. government guarantees capped paychecks to all employees for businesses of all sizes in order to preserve a generation of promising ideas and innovation amid the coronavirus pandemic. 
  • Joint research from Professor Melissa Schilling on uncharted technological terrain and breakthrough innovation is referenced. 
  • In a Q&A interview, Professor Robert Seamans discusses whether the Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs can be effective as a response to the COVID-19 crisis. 
  • Professor Frances Milliken outlines steps small business owners can take to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. 
  • Professor Julianna Pillemer's research on the complex dynamics of interpersonal connections at work is cited. 
  • In a trend story on one-year MBA programs, Vice Dean of MBA Programs JP Eggers discusses how Stern's focused Andre Koo Tech MBA and Fashion & Luxury MBA programs prepare students to meet industry needs.
  • In an op-ed, Professor Robert Seamans argues for why stimulus funds should be distributed through mobile payment rather than direct deposit or checks.

March 2020

  • Professor Dolly Chugh provides insight on academic research addressing the topic of unconscious bias.  
  • Professor Michael North is quoted in an article examining how the coronavirus pandemic is fueling intergenerational strife. 
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg notes that WeWork's priority has shifted from expansion to cost reduction and refocusing on its core business of coworking. 
  • Professor Anat Lechner notes that crises often give rise to innovation and capacity. 
  • Professor Nathan Pettit is profiled as part of BusinessBecause's "MBA Professors To Look Out For in 2020" list; Professor Pettit highlights the unique opportunity to create change at Stern and the School’s new Leadership Accelerator.
  • Professor Robert Seamans concludes that current research is insufficient to support conclusions about how universal basic income might function on a larger scale.
  • In a radio interview, Professor Robert Seamans weighs in on the potential consumer effects of the Sprint-T-Mobile merger.
  • In a co-authored op-ed, Professor Anat Lechner argues that instead of looking for solutions to fix the current healthcare system, society should aim for higher efficiencies, lower costs and better outcomes.

February 2020

  • In a co-authored op-ed, Professors Nicholas Economides, Thomas Philippon, Robert Seamans and Lawrence White argue for why they believe the Justice Department should have rejected the recent T-Mobile-Sprint merger and how the deal will negatively impact consumers.
  • Professor and EFL Director Deepak Hegde explains why cultivating a positive culture is one of the most important priorities startups need to consider when scaling up; Endless Frontier Labs is mentioned.
  • In a feature story on NYU Stern’s Executive MBA, eight Class of 2021 EMBA students from the New York and DC programs are profiled; Vice Dean Robert Salomon is quoted on new program innovations, including updates in the curriculum; Stern's academic rigor, senior cohort and spirit of community are highlighted.
  • Vice Dean of MBA Programs JP Eggers is interviewed on Stern's goal of supporting MBA students as the nature of work continues to evolve.

January 2020

  • In a feature story on the success of Apple, Professor Ari Ginsberg notes that incremental innovation is not always less desirable than disruptive innovation.
  • In a podcast interview, Professor Sinziana Dorobantu offers insights on stakeholder capitalism while sharing takeaways from her joint research on how companies' efforts to build strong stakeholder relationships can prevent crises.
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg discusses how WeWork's struggles have impacted the perception of unicorn companies.
  • In an op-ed, Professor Robert Seamans explores the complicated relationship between robots and workers.
  • Professor Michael North weighs in on the generational divides seen in the news over the past year.

December 2019

  • Professor Michael North weighs in on the generational divides seen in the news over the past year.
  • Professor Melissa Schilling discusses how Sundar Pichai may approach his new position as CEO of Alphabet following Larry Page and Sergey Brin's recent departures.
  • Professor Anat Lechner weighs in on the challenges associated with a company undergoing a cultural transformation.
  • In an in-depth interview, Professor Ari Ginsberg discusses different approaches to innovation and how companies can create a more risk-tolerant corporate culture.

November 2019

  • Professor Sonia Marciano offers her perspective on the intrinsic value of diamonds.
  • Research from Professor Pankaj Ghemawat on cross-border strategies is referenced.
  • Professor Pankaj Ghemawat is featured in a story highlighting the Thinkers50 list of the 20 most influential business minds of 2019.
  • In an Q&A interview, Professor Robert Seamans notes that companies that do not embrace AI are putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage.
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg discusses the future of WeWork following a recent round of layoffs and derailed IPO.
  • Professor Michael North offers perspective on the prevalence of ageist generalizations in the workplace.
  • Professor and Vice Dean of MBA Programs JP Eggers is interviewed about the MBA student experience.
  • Professor Dolly Chugh's book, "The Person You Mean To Be," is cited.
  • EFL Director Professor Deepak Hegde is quoted on EFL’s selection of 50 science-and technology-based startups for its 2019-2020.
  • Professor and Vice Dean of MBA Programs J.P. Eggers offers his perspective on new research that finds analysts tend to significantly underestimate the earnings potential of companies run by humble chief executive officers.


October 2019

  • Professor Nathan Pettit's new research on status momentum is mentioned.
  • In an op-ed, Professor Robert Seamans analyzes the effect artificial intelligence will play on economic growth in the short term.
  • Professor Steven Blader shares advice for how managers can effectively approach one-on-one meetings with their employees.
  • In an op-ed, Professor Robert Seamans shares his perspective on the bi-partisan Augmenting Compatibility and Competition by Enabling Service Switching (ACCESS) Act.
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg shares his thoughts on how WeWork's troubles may impact NYC's commercial real estate market.
  • A joint court filing, co-authored by Professors Nicholas Economides, Thomas Philippon, Robert Seamans and Lawrence White in response to the U.S. Department of Justice's Sprint/T-Mobile merger proposal, is cited.
  • Professor Pankaj Ghemawat's book, "The New Global Road Map," is referenced.
  • Professor Melissa Schilling's book, "Quirky," is referenced.
  • In a live interview, Professor Dolly Chugh provides insight into the benefits of the "Slow Movement" and why it's important to focus on quality vs. quantity in many aspects of life.


September 2019

  • Professor Melissa Schilling's co-authored research on how digital platforms manipulate the promotion of the products available in their ecosystems is featured.
  • Professor Robert Seamans is quoted in a story on the importance of understanding AI logic in strategic management.
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg underscores the importance of WeWork addressing criticisms of the company directly with the public and its investors.
  • Professor Robert Seamans' participation in a Senate Judiciary tech task force panel on data portability led by Senator Marsha Blackburn is cited.
  • The DHL Global Connectedness Index, research by Professor Pankaj Ghemawat, Senior Research Scholar Steven Altman and Associate Research Scholar Phillip Bastian, is cited.
  • Professor Anat Lechner is quoted in an article on Pattern, a startup designed to combat workplace burnout.

August 2019

  • Professor Matthew Lee's joint research on gender bias and entrepreneurship is cited.
  • In a contributed article, Professor Robert Seamans and PhD candidate Manav Raj share insights from their research on AI's impact on various occupations.
  • Professor Robert Salomon shares his outlook on the global economy next year.
  • In a joint op-ed, Professor Deepak Hegde emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurship education.
  • Professor Dolly Chugh is interviewed about how she evaluates requests with the support of her peer group.
  • In a podcast interview, Professor Robert Seamans shares his outlook on AI's impact on the economy.
  • Professor Matthew Lee's research is referenced in an op-ed on the likability trap for women in the workforce.
  • Professor Anat Lechner discusses the consequences of high rates of turnover in an organization.
  • Professor Michael North's work on inter-generational workplaces is cited.
  • In an op-ed, Professor Dolly Chugh offers advice for minority groups on how to to navigate challenging work environments.

July 2019

  • Dean Raghu Sundaram joins other deans in sharing recommended summer reads for future business majors; Professor Dolly Chugh's book, "The Person You Mean to Be," is highlighted.
  • Professor Deepak Hegde is interviewed for a story on the prevalence of female-founded unicorn startups in 2019.
  • Professor Jason Greenberg's joint research on entrepreneurial ventures is cited.
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg underscores the importance of companies "upskilling" their employees.
  • Professor Dolly Chugh's book, "The Person You Mean to Be," is featured in a summer reading list for women in power.
  • Professor Michael North's joint research on ageism is spotlighted.

June 2019

  • Professor Deepak Hegde offers advice to entrepreneurs who are looking to scale startup companies.
  • In a Q&A interview, Professor and Vice Dean of MBA programs JP Eggers highlights Stern's new MBA specialization in healthcare.
  • Professor Dolly Chugh offers advice for companies to successfully manage cross-generational teams.
  • In a joint op-ed, Professor Elizabeth Morrison offers advice for leaders to balance confidence and humility.
  • Professor Melissa Schilling's research on the link between Alzheimer's disease and diabetes is referenced.
  • Professor Joe Magee provides insight into the psychological effects of power.
  • Professor Dolly Chugh explains the importance of understanding "bounded ethicality" for leaders, from her book, "The Person You Mean to Be."
  • Professor Anat Lechner offers insights on body and food-shaming in the workplace.
  • Professor Robert Seamans shares insights from his research on the impact of increased competition in the consumer broadband market.
  • In a live interview on The Today Show, Professor Dolly Chugh shares the importance of being what she calls a "good-ish" person, from her book, "The Person You Mean to Be."
  • In a contributed article, Professor Robert Seamans outlines several different approaches to regulating big tech.
  • In a trend story, Professor and Vice Dean of Executive Programs Robert Salomon highlights Stern’s global approach to Executive Education, citing short courses including "Sustainability Training for Business Leaders" and "Leading Global Organizations."
  • Professor Robert Seamans offers advice for how the US government should approach tech regulation.
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg explains why traditional retailers are forming partnerships with the resale industry.

May 2019

  • Dean Raghu Sundaram and Professor and Vice Dean of MBA programs JP Eggers highlight how Stern's focused Andre Koo Tech MBA and Fashion & Luxury MBA programs are meeting the evolving needs of students and employers.
  • Professor Jason Greenberg discusses the challenges founder-led companies face.
  • Professor Gavin Kilduff's research on the impact of having a rival on performance is referenced.
  • Professor Robert Seamans is quoted in an article on the manipulation of private equity firms' returns.
  • Professor Jason Greenberg's research on the success of solo vs. team-led startups is spotlighted.

April 2019

  • Professor Jason Greenberg is interviewed about his new joint research on the success of solo vs. team-led startups.
  • Professor and Vice Dean of MBA Programs JP Eggers is interviewed about the consequences of taking a company public.
  • Professor Robert Salomon offers advice for global companies to combat economic nationalism, drawing from his book, "Global Vision;” the DHL Global Connectedness Index, co-authored by Professor Pankaj Ghemawat, Senior Research Scholar Steven Altman and Associate Research Scholar Phillip Bastian, is cited.
  • Professor Dolly Chugh explains how having a growth mindset can foster better leadership skills.
  • Professors Paul Hardart and Batia Wiesenfeld discuss the future of Warner Bros. Theatre Ventures amid the company's acquisition by AT&T.
  • In a podcast interview, Professor Dolly Chugh shares her views on combating unconscious bias, from her book, "The Person You Mean to Be."
  • Professor Robert Seamans is interviewed about the ethical challenges AI presents for business.

March 2019

  • Professor Sonia Marciano is quoted in a story on Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI)'s marketing strategy.
  • Professor Dolly Chugh's book, "The Person You Mean to Be," is cited.
  • Professor Robert Seamans shares his views on presidential candidate Andrew Yang's proposal for Universal Basic Income (UBI).
  • In an in-depth interview, Professor Melissa Schilling shares takeaways from the lives of serial breakthrough innovators, from her book, "Quirky."
  • Professor Zur Shapira highlights the importance of risk-taking in business.
  • Professor Dolly Chugh explains the benefits of developing a growth-oriented inner voice, from her book, "The Person You Mean to Be."
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg comments on West Elm's partnership with Rent the Runway
  • Professor Elizabeth Morrison's and PhD student Mona Weiss' joint research on the perception of speaking up in the workplace is featured.
  • Professor Gavin Kilduff's research on the impact of rivalry on athletic performance is referenced.
  • Professor Pankaj Ghemawat's book, "Redefining Global Strategy," is spotlighted
  • Professor Gavin Kilduff's research on the impact of rivalry on athletic performance is referenced
  • Senior Research Scholar Steven Altman is quoted in a feature article on his joint research with Professor Pankaj Ghemawat and Associate Research Scholar Phillip Bastian

February 2019

  • In an op-ed, Professor Robert Seamans argues that President Trump's American AI Initiative is a missed opportunity to address immigration and data collection.
  • In an op-ed, Professor Dolly Chugh discusses diversity and inclusion takeaways from the film "High Flying Bird."

November 2018

  • Vice Dean of MBA Programs JP Eggers highlights the benefits Amazon's new offices will bring to New York City, including continued growth in the tech sector and potential opportunities for MBA students.
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg is quoted in a story on how Amazon’s new offices may impact Long Island City.

October 2018

  • In an op-ed, Professor Dolly Chugh offers shortcuts for managing unsolicited emails that help mitigate unconscious bias, pointing to her research.

September 2018

  • In an op-ed, Professor Dolly Chugh shares how to use ordinary privilege to help others, from her book, "The Person You Mean to Be."
  • Professor Dolly Chugh discusses how business leaders can implement training to combat unconscious bias, from her new book, "The Person You Mean to Be."
  • Professor Deepak Hegde's joint research on the impact of social proximity between venture capitalists and startups is referenced.
  • In a feature story on NYU Stern, 10 Class of 2020 full-time MBA students are profiled; Dean Raghu Sundaram highlights the growth in Stern Solutions experiential learning projects; and Professor and Vice Dean of MBA Programs JP Eggers cites the School's strength in technology, including the Creative Destruction Lab-NYC.
  • In a Q&A profile, Professor Melissa Schilling discusses the behavior of Elon Musk and other serial breakthrough innovators, from her book, "Quirky."
  • Professor Dolly Chugh's new book, "The Person You Mean to Be," is featured as one of six books to help you succeed at work.
  • In an op-ed, Professor Robert Seamans recommends incorporating AI expertise into multiple government regulatory agencies.
  • Professor Dolly Chugh’s advice on how to foster equality, diversity and inclusion, from her new book, "The Person You Mean to Be," is featured.
  • Professor Batia Wiesenfeld comments on how experiencing power influences thinking and perception.
  • Professor Melissa Schilling is interviewed about common traits found in breakthrough innovators, from her book, "Quirky."

August 2018

  • In a Q&A, Professor Anat Lechner offers advice for managers on avoiding overload and fostering mental health in the workplace.
  • Professor Pankaj Ghemawat's book, "The New Global Road Map," is reviewed.
  • Professor and Vice Dean of MBA Programs JP Eggers is interviewed about Elon Musk’s controversial comments on his role as the CEO of Tesla.
  • Professor Beth Bechky's joint research on women expressing emotions at work is spotlighted.
  • In an op-ed, Professor Dolly Chugh illustrates how the success of the film "Crazy Rich Asians" could lead to more creativity, risk-taking and visibility in Hollywood.
  • Professors Robert Salomon and Jay Rubin are highlighted as favorite faculty by Poets & Quants 2018 Best & Brightest Business Majors Michelle Enkerlin (BS '18) and Shobhit Jain(BS '18).
  • Amid escalating tariff tensions between the U.S. and China, Professor Robert Salomon explains why the U.S. tariff strategy is based on a faulty understanding of trade.
  • Professor Robert Seamans explains why it is still more cost-effective to hire human labor because of the initial financial investment required in Artificial Intelligence.

March 2018

  • Prof. Robert Salomon shares his views on trade negotiations with China. (Bloomberg)
  • Prof. Sonia Marciano shares her views on the proposed "right to disconnect" bill. (The New York Times)
  • Prof. Melissa Schilling explains why Elon Musk's idealism shouldn't discourage Tesla investors. (Inc.)
  • Prof. J.P. Eggers discusses the potential regulation of Facebook. (Nightly Business Report)
  • Prof. Robert Seamans comments on Facebook's response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal. (Fox News)

February 2018

  • Prof. Melissa Schilling's new book, "Quirky" is highlighted as one of the best business books of the month. (Financial Times)
  • Prof. Melissa Schilling's new book, "Quirky" is spotlighted. (The New Yorker)
  • Prof. Melissa Schilling highlights key traits of serial innovators, from her new book, "Quirky." (BNN)

January 2018

  • Prof. Melissa Schilling highlights the common traits found in top innovators, from her forthcoming book, "Quirky." (InformationWeek)
  • Prof. Melissa Schilling's forthcoming book, "Quirky," is featured among eight business books to read in 2018. (Inc.)
  • Prof. Robert Salomon is interviewed about the possible breakup of GE. (The Wall Street Journal)
  • Prof. Michael North shares how firms can avoid age discrimination in hiring practices. (SHRM Magazine)
  • Prof. Seth Freeman is quoted in a feature story about how personality types impact a person's negotiation style. (Fast Company)

December 2018

  • Prof. Ari Ginsberg is interviewed about where Amazon might open its second headquarters. (Inc.)
  • Prof. Robert Salomon explains the implications of the CVS-Aetna merger for consumers. (Associated Press)
  • Prof. Robert Seamans is quoted in a feature story about the negative stories surrounding tech in 2017. (CBC News)

November 2018

  • Prof. Pankaj Ghemawat discusses the regulation of technology companies globally. (El Pais)
  • Prof. Pankaj Ghemawat's research on globalization is referenced. (philSTAR)
  • Prof. Robert Salomon discusses the potential impact of tax policy changes on corporations. (Xinhua)
  • Prof. Michael North's joint research on ageism is cited. (The New Yorker).
  • New research from NYU Stern Professor J.P. Eggers and co-author, Joost Rietveld of the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), finds that the life cycle of a video game console affects the sales of video games for the platform, as the ratio of early to later adopters tips. (NYU Stern)

October 2017

  • Prof. Robert Salomon on anticipated tax reform and recent market gains.
  • Prof. Ari Ginsberg on preparing for the US withdrawing from NAFTA.
  • Research Scholar Elad Sherf's research on gender parity initiatives referenced.
  • Prof. Joe Magee shares insights on workplace hierarchies.
  • Prof. Robert Seamans on new research in digital privacy (Forbes).
  • Prof. Deepak Hegde on high-tech entrepreneurship in New York City; Stern's Creative Destruction Lab-New York City is highlighted (BusinessBecause).
  • Prof. Pankaj Ghemawat shares insights on globalization changes (El Pais).
  • Prof. Pankaj Ghemawat on Catalonia's independence vote from Spain (Forbes).
  • Prof. Mike North shares insights on the inter-generational workforce (Valor Economico).
  • Prof. Robert Salomon on global business at the Global Citizens Forum in Brazil (Society for Human Resource Management).
  • Prof. Sinziana Dorobantu on the potential impacts of Charter Communications' labor dispute (Stamford Advocate).
  • Prof. Melissa Schilling's research underscoring the importance of cognitive diversity on research teams featured (Washington Post).

September 2017

  • In an Op-Ed, Prof. Pankaj Ghemawat arguest that India-based businesses should become more globalized to boost competitiveness (Outlook India)
  • Prof. Rob Seamans explains how secondary ticket markets benefits consumers (TicketNews)
  • Prof. Mike North shares tips for employees and job applicants to navigate questions about their former employees (MEL)
  • Prof. Zur Shapira & Prof. JP Eggers discuss why hurricane evacuation decisions should not lie with politicians (The Hill)
  • Prof. Rob Seamans comments on the NYT's decision to stop charging NYC real estate brokers to post exclusive listings (The Real Deal). 
  • In a co-authored op-ed, Prof. Joe Magee examines sources of power and their impact on negotiations (INSEAD Knowledge).  
  • Prof. Ari Ginsberg highlights key skills for high-growth company founders (TalentEconomy). 
  • Prof. Jason Greenberg shares insights on affordable travel (WalletHub). 
  • Prof. Robert Seamans argues against a tax on robots (CBC).
  • Post-Doctoral Scholar, Elad Sherf, discusses men's participation in gender-parity initiatives (HBR).
  • Prof. Rob Salomon shares views on the potential changes to the corporate tax rate (Xinhua).
  • Prof. Pankaj Ghemawat demystifies globalisation among other topics in this podcast w/ Brightline Initiative (Thinkers 50).
  • Prof. Robert Seamans comments on Uber's leaked financial documents (Vice).
  • Prof. J.P. Eggers discusses how Amazon will utilize brick-and-mortar space after its acquisition of Whole Foods (Xinhua).
  • Prof. Melissa Schilling explains Tesla's "S-curve" growth model (CNBC). 
  • Prof. Pankaj Ghemawat discusses the impact of globalization among business schools (BizEd). 
  • Prof. Mike North discusses the phenomenon of companies "ghosting" job applicants (MelMagazine). 
  • Prof. JP Eggers is interviewed about rising executive pay (NBR).
  • Prof. Melissa Schilling shares her views on the obstacles preventing the adoption of the electric vehicle (Fortune). 
  • Prof. Pankaj Ghemawat shares insights for business leaders in the wake of anti-globalization sentiment (HBR).  

August 2017

  • Prof. Robert Seamans comments on Uber's leaked financial documents (Vice News)
  • Prof. JP Eggers discusses how Amazon will utilize brick-and-mortar space after its acquisition of Whole Foods (Xinhua). 
  • Prof. Pankaj Ghemawat is interviewed about his research on globalization and the state of global trade (Marketplace). 
  • Prof. Ari Ginsberg discusses the potential impact of NAFTA's renegotiation for entrepreneurs and small business owners (Inc.). 
  • Prof. Anat Lechner comments on MBA change management courses. 

July 2017

  • Prof. Pankaj Ghemawat discusses the impact of globalization among business schools (Biz Ed Magazine). 
  • Prof. Mike North discusses the phenomenon of companies "ghosting" job applicants. (Mel Magazine). 
  • Prof. JP Eggers is interviewed about rising executive pay (The Nightly Business Report).
  • Prof. Melissa Schilling shares her views on the obstacles preventing the adoption of the electric vehicle (Fortune). 
  • Prof. Pankaj Ghemawat shares insights for business leaders in the wake of anti-globalization sentiment (HBR).  
  • Prof. Anat Lechner discusses findings from a new study looking at the impact of disruptive innovation on companies (The Canadian Mailer)

June 2017

  • Post-Doctoral Scholar, Elad Sherf discusses men's participation in gender parity initiatives (Work in Progress). 
  • Prof. JP Eggers shares his views on Amazon's recent aquisition of Whole Foods (The Washington Post)
  • Prof. Rob Salomon discusses GM's entry into the self-driving vehicle market (CCTV). 
  • Prof. Claudine Gartenberg shares her joint research on corporate purpose (The Australian)
  • In an Op-Ed, Prof. Melissa Schilling shares steps for companies to drive innovation (HBR). 
  • Prof. Rob Seamans shares his views on Universal Basic Income and entrepreneurship in an Op-Ed (Forbes). 
  • Prof. Michael North discusses how employers can acommodate older workers (Maeil Business Newspaper)
  • Prof. Jason Greenberg's joint research on crowdfunding is highlighted (Bloomberg)

May 2017

  • Professor Deepak Hedge's joint-research on patent applications is featured (HBS Working Knowledge)
  • Professor Robert Salomon discusses the Trump administration's proposed corporate tax cuts (Reuters).

April 2017

  • Professor J.P. Eggers comments on Mark Zuckerberg's ranking on the Forbes 2017 Billionaires List (Forbes).
  • Professor Robert Salomon shares his views on U.S. trade policy (ICAS).
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg discusses potential outcomes of President Trump's meeting with Xi Jinping (Inc.).
  • Professor Pankaj Ghemawat discusses Brexit's potential economic impact (HBR).
  • Professor Robert Seamans on the impact of robots and wages (Forbes).

March 2017

  • Professors Lisa Leslie and Nathan Pettit are named to the Poets & Quants "40 Most Outstanding MBA Professors Under 40" list (Poets & Quants).
  • In an op-ed, Professor Michael North highlights the economic benefits of cooperation across generational divides .
  • Professor Robert Salomon comments on the impact of GM's 2014 recall on the company (CCTV).
  • In an in-depth Q&A, Professor Seth Freeman shares advice for effective negotiation (Psychology Today).
  • In an op-ed, Professor Michael North shares his research findings about generational differences in the workplace (The Conversation).

February 2017

  • In an in-depth interview, Professor Pankaj Ghemawat addresses common myths about globalization (HBR).
  • Professor Joe Magee shares tips for navigating leadership transitions in the workplace (MarketWatch). 
  • Professor Ari Ginsberg discusses the renegotiation of NAFTA (Inc.).
  • Research by Professors Steven Blader and Nicholas Hays on generosity and status is featured (Psychology Today).
  • In an op-ed, Professor Pankaj Ghemawat argues that digital technologies alone will not drive globalization forward (HBR).

January 2017

  • Professor Gavin Kilduff's research on athletic rivalry and performance is referenced (U.S. News & World Report).
  • Professor Melissa Schilling explains why collective bargaining agreements for bank employees might result in diminished service for customers (Bloomberg).
  • Professor Belen Villalonga shares insights on the profitability of family-run companies (Fortune).
  • Professor Steven Blader's joint research on power and inclusiveness is featured (Scientific American).
  • Robert Salomon shares his views on potential job growth in the US. (Nightly Business Report).
  • Robert Seamans' research on robots and their impact on the economy is featured (Forbes). 
  • Claudine Gartenberg and co-author find that social comparison influences both compensation levels and the degree of performance sensitivity within firms. (Organization Science)
  • Pankaj Ghemawat argues that digital technologies alone will not drive globalization forward. (Harvard Business Review)
  • Gavin Kilduff's research on athletic rivalry and performance is referenced. (US News & World Report)
  • Melissa Schilling explains why collective bargaining agreements for bank employees might result in diminished service for customers. (Bloomberg)

December 2016

  • Beth Beckhy shares insight on leadership transitions. (Fast Company)
  • Robert Salomon discusses the potential implications of Donald Trump's efforts to incentivize companies to keep jobs in the US. (CBC Radio)
  • Dolly Chugh illustrates the connection between power and empathy in the workplace. (The Washington Post)

November 2016

  • JP Eggers discusses the impact of automation on jobs and job growth. (Nightly Business Report)
  • Sinziana Dorobantu highlights key takeaways from her joint research on the connection between firms' relationships with their stakeholders and their ability to weather crisis. (Harvard Law Blog)
  • Pankaj Ghemawat is interviewed about his work on the DHL Global Connectedness Index with Senior Research Scholar Steven Altman. (Bloomberg View)
  • Joseph Porac shares his views on Hackensack Meridian Health's appointment of co-CEOs. (Asbury Park Press)
  • Pankaj Ghemawat shares recommendations for addressing anger in connection with globalization. (Harvard Business Review)

October 2016

  • Robert Salomon's book, "Global Vision," is named one of the "Best Business Books of 2016" by strategy + business. (strategy + business)
  • Claudine Gartenberg's joint research on company performance and Professor Thomas Philippon's joint research on volatility is referenced. (Bloomberg)
  • Joe Magee's research on leadership is featured (Boston Globe).
  • Melissa Schilling is interviewed about Juno's entrance into the New York City ridesharing marketplace. (Bloomberg)
  • Belen Villalonga discusses the growing interest in studying family businesses. (Crain's New York)
  • Robert Salomon's research on the future of the telecom industry in light of AT&T's acquisition of Time Warner is referenced. (New China)
  • Sinziana Dorobantu on Uber and and its latest political situation. (Motherboard)
  • Dolly Chung's joint research on implicit bias is featured. (US News & World Report)
  • J.P. Eggers worked with Aseem Kaul to explain why innovation is more likely done by large companies. (Harvard Business Review)
  • Gavin Kilduff offers some insight into research on dominance. (The Globe and the Mail)
  • Robert Seamans comments on companies' initiatives to expand internet access. (The New York Times)

September 2016

  • Lisa Leslie's research on women in business and trustworthiness is referenced. (USA Today)
  • Rebecca Schaumberg emphasizes the importance of giving feedback to employees. (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland)
  • Melissa Schilling weighs in on Uber's business model. (Bloomberg)
  • Pankjaj Ghemawat analyzes the global implications of Brexit. (AIB Insights)

August 2016

  • Dolly Chugh is named a favorite professor by her former student. (Poets & Quants)
  • Becky Schaumberg discusses the personality traits common among presidential candidates. (Fox 5 NY)
  • Rob Salomon weighs in on Verizon's acquisition of Yahoo. (USA Today)
  • Lisa Leslie's joint research on "stop the clock" work policies is referenced. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)
  • Pankaj Ghemawat shares takeaways about globalization of platform companies from the sale of Uber China to Didi. (The Harvard Business Review)
  • In an op-ed, Rob Salomon illustrates why Uber struggled to succeed in China. (Fortune)
  • Mike North's research on ageism in the workplace is referenced. (The Washington Post)
  • JP Eggers discusses his new joint research on established businesses and innovations. (MIT Sloan Management Review)
  • Rob Salomon discusses Verizon's acquisition of Yahoo. (CBS News)

July 2016

  • Ari Ginsberg comments on Donald Trump's reputation among small business owners and his presidential campaign. (Inc.)

June 2016

  • Rob Salomon discusses the potential implications of "Brexit." (Forbes)
  • In an oped, Pankaj Ghemawat illustrates how other regions can learn from "Brexit." (Fortune)
  • Lisa Leslie's research on a pay premium for high-potential women is referenced. (Fast Company)
  • Pankaj Ghemawat shares key factors for effective strategies for companies exporting products globally. (Financial Times)
  • Steve Blader discusses the adoption of new systems to evaluate employee performance. (MarketWatch)

May 2016

  • Lisa Leslie's research on a pay premium for high-potential women is featured. (Fortune)
  • Lisa Leslie is interviewed about her research on a pay premium for high-potential women. (The Huffington Post)
  • Lisa Leslie is interviewed about her new research on a pay premium for high-potential women in companies with diversity goals. (Harvard Business Review)

April 2016

  • Jason Greenberg's research on the influence of networks during an MBA job search is featured. (The Atlantic)
  • Jason Greenberg's research on the influence of networks during an MBA job search is referenced. (The Economist)
  • Melissa Schilling's research on the pathway between diabetes and Alzheimer's disease is featured. (Bend Bulletin)
  • Jason Greenberg's co-authored research on the influence of alumni connections in attracting MBA talent is featured. (Top MBA)
  • Melissa Schilling's research on the pathway between diabetes and Alzheimer's disease is featured. (Diabetes News Journal)
  • Nathan Pettit's co-authored research on the impact of status in theworkplace is featured. (
  • Jason Greenberg's research finds alumni connections and potential for growth are key factors in attracting MBA talent. (Financial Times)
  • Rob Salomon's book, Global Vision, is featured. (Forbes)
  • Dolly Chugh's research on bias is mentioned. (The New York Times)

March 2016

  • JP Eggers discusses the similarities and differences between young billionaires and seasoned business leaders. (Forbes Poland
  • In an op-ed, Rob Salomon discusses China’s M&A binge, pegged to themes in his book “Global Vision.” (CNBC)
  • Melissa Schilling examines Sony’s new video game business. (Marketplace)
  • Pankaj Ghemawat is interviewed about China's economy. (Foreign Affairs)
  • JP Eggers comments on Avon's relocation of its headquarters to the UK. (Marketplace)
  • Pankaj Ghemawat discusses global trade patterns in Latin America. (El País)
  • In an op-ed, Rob Salomon illustrates why Uber is struggling in China. (Fortune)
  • Jason Greenberg's research on crowdfunding is referenced. (Business Cornwall)

February 2016

  • Rob Salomon shares advice for companies looking to expand globally from his new book, "Global Vision." (MSNBC)
  • In an in-depth profile, Pankaj Ghemawat discusses globalization and his book, "World 3.0." (AsiaOne)

January 2016

  • Deepak Hegde and Alexander Ljungqvist's research on patents andthe growth of start-up businesses is cited. (Inquisitr)
  • Rob Salomon predicts less M&A activity in the coming year. (Fox Business)
  • Rob Salomon identifies several causes for increased M&A activity over the past year. (The Atlantic)
  • Beth Bechky shares leadership advice for new managers. (Fast Company)