Elizabeth Morrison, Dolly Chugh, and Peter Henry at a faculty awards ceremony

Management and Organizations

Department Events

Departmental Events

The Management and Organizations department hosts a wide range of programming and activities throughout the year. This includes our seminar series, internal workshops, scholarly forums, and a rotating list of academic conferences and other special events that we host at our campus each year.

Management and Organizations Seminar Series

The Management Department hosts numerous talks and seminars to stimulate collaboration and to broaden cross-disciplinary perspectives. For more information or to receive e-mail updates about upcoming talks, seminars, conferences, and roundtables please contact the Department Coordinator, Mary-Grace Tomecki (mtomecki@stern.nyu.edu).

Seminar Schedule

2022 Strategy Science Conference

We are pleased to announce the fifth annual Strategy Science Conference. The conference will be hosted by the Center for the Future of Management at NYU’s Stern School of Business and co-sponsored by the journal Strategy Science.

2022 Strategy Science Conference