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There are four specializations within Marketing: General Marketing, Product Management, Entertainment, Media, & Technology, and Luxury Marketing.

General Marketing

The requirements for the marketing specialization are 9 elective credits in addition to the core course, Marketing (COR1-GB.2310). For students still under the major curriculum, you need 12 elective credits beyond the core.

All those specializing or majoring in marketing are urged to take Introduction to Marketing Research (MKTG-GB.2327). Elective courses include six 1.5 credit mini-courses that are offered throughout the year.

Required Core Course (3.0 credits)
  • COR1-GB.2310 (B01.2310): Marketing
Suggested Course (3.0 credits)
  • MKTG-GB.2327 (B70.2327): Introduction to Marketing Research
Electives (9.0 credits) May be any combination of 3 and 1.5 credit Marketing courses (MKTG-GB) offered throughout the year plus the following:
  • INFO-GB.2320 (B20.2320): Customer Relationship Management
  • INFO-GB.3136 (B20.3136): Search and the New Economy
  • INFO-GB.3335 (B20.3335): Electronic Communities
  • INFO-GB.3336 (B20.3336): Data Mining and Knowledge Systems
  • INTA-GB.2150 (B55.2150): Models of Leadership in the Communications Industry
  • INTA-GB.2350 (B55.2350): Models of Leadership
  • MKTG-GB.2150 (B70.2150): Social Media for Brand Managers
  • OPMG-GB.2306 (B60.2306): Supply Chain Management
  • OPMG-GB.2330 (B60.2330): Retail Operations

Product Management

The Product Management Specialization prepares students for the responsibilities of managing a product or brand. A product or brand manager typically runs a business within the context of a larger organization, but the skills taught in the product management specialization are important for those planning to run a single-product company too. Elements of product management include: building and defending brands; collecting and analyzing market research data; and developing and introducing new products. This specialization is for students interested in careers in product management, brand management, marketing management, and certain fields of consulting, as well as those who aspire to hold senior management positions in any industry.

Courses Within the Specialization
  • OPMG-GB.2330 (B60.2330): Retail Operations
  • MKTG-GB.2128 (B70.2128): Entrepreneurial Selling
  • MKTG-GB.2130 (B70.2130): Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • MKTG-GB.2150 (B70.2150): Managing the Brand Conversation
  • MKTG-GB.2152 (B70.2152): Promotional Marketing
  • MKTG-GB.2171 (B70.2171): Innovation & Design
  • MKTG-GB.2190 (B70.2190): Marketing High-Tech Products
  • MKTG-GB.2191 (B70.2191): Technology Product Management
  • MKTG-GB.2309 (B70.2309): Advertising Management
  • MKTG-GB.2327 (B70.2327): Introduction to Marketing Research
  • MKTG-GB.2335 (B70.2335): Judgment and Decision Making
  • MKTG-GB.2353 (B70.2353): Pricing Strategies
  • MKTG-GB.2365 (B70.2365): Brand Planning
  • MKTG-GB.2370 (B70.2370): New Product Marketing and Design
  • MKTG-GB.2371 (B70.2371): Creativity and Design
  • MKTG-GB.2390 (B70.2390): Marketing Technology-based Products

Entertainment, Media, & Technology

Stern’s Entertainment, Media & Technology (EMT) program provides a broad understanding of the strategy and operating principles that drive the individual sectors of the entertainment industry, while exploring new industry concepts and analyzing leading companies such as Time Warner, Disney, Sony, Viacom and NBC Universal. Courses are offered in a variety of disciplines, including marketing, finance, economics, accounting, management, law and information systems. Topics covered include movies, network television, production, theater, music, sports, cable, syndication, radio, telecommunications, new media and publishing.

Required Course (1.5 credits)
  • MKTG-GB.2119 (B70.2119): Entertainment and Media Industries
Electives (total of 7.5 combined credits)
  • Any EMT course
Note: Students may take more than 9 EMT credits, with the additional courses counting towards a different specialization, such as Marketing and Finance. MKTG-GB.2119 should be taken first as it provides a foundation for subsequent courses.

Luxury Marketing

This specialization allows students to develop the perspective and skills necessary to pursue careers in the luxury sector. Marketing luxury products and services presents a number of unique challenges including the nature of the target market, the importance of establishing a strong relationship with customers, the critical role of brand image and the nature of the distribution system.

Required course:
  • MKTG-GB.2126 (B70.2126): Luxury Marketing
Take 3 credits from the following list:
  • MKTG-GB.2127 (B70.2127): Luxury Branding
  • MKTG-GB.2136 (B70.2136): Luxury Launch
  • MKTG-GB.2350 (B70.2350): Marketing Planning and Strategy, with approved luxury project*
  • MKTG-GB.2365 (B70.2365): Brand Strategy, with approved luxury project*
  • DBIN-GB.3111 (B86.3111): Doing Business in Italy: Luxury, Fashion & Design
Complete the 9 credits for the specialization with the addition of courses from this list:
  • OPMG-GB.2306 (B60.2306): Supply Chain Management
  • OPMG-GB.2313 (B60.2313): Operations in Entertainment: Las Vegas
  • MKTG-GB.2127 (B70.2127): Luxury Branding
  • MKTG-GB.2128 (B70.2128): Consultative Selling
  • MKTG-GB.2129 (B70.2129): Sales Management
  • MKTG-GB.2153 (B70.2153): Pricing Strategies
  • MKTG-GB.2175 (B70.2175): Retail Strategy
  • MKTG-GB.2350 (B70.2350): Marketing Planning and Strategy, with approved luxury project*
  • MKTG-GB.2365 (B70.2365): Brand Strategy, with approved luxury project*
  • MKTG-GB.2371 (B70.2371): Innovation and Design
  • DBIN-GB.3111 (B86.3111): Doing Business in Italy (Luxury, Fashion & Design)
  • INTA-GB.3345 (B55.3345): The Fashion Industry: Creativity & Business
*For MKTG-GB.2350 and MKTG-GB.2365, the course project must focus on luxury in order to count the course toward this specialization. Once complete, your professor should notify the Office of Records & Registration that you completed a luxury project, and the course will be manually pointed to the specialization for you.