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There are three specializations within the Marketing Department: MarketingProduct Management, and Luxury Marketing.

In addition, many students interested in marketing pursue one of our interdisciplinary specializations:
Digital Marketing
Entertainment, Media, & Technology


The marketing specialization is designed for students who wish to be skilled across the wide range of marketing activities. Courses in the curriculum range from those at the level of marketing strategy and pricing strategy to tools courses such as marketing research and advertising management. The diversity of the offerings allows students to not only learn cutting edge concepts but to tailor their program to their specific career plans. Students electing the marketing specialization take jobs across the broad spectrum of business. They may be found in consulting, CPG, financial services, tech, luxury, healthcare, digital media, entertainment, non-profits, luxury, fashion, business development, new ventures, and other places where the importance of understanding of the consumer and knowing what to do with that understanding is valued.

  • COR1-GB.2310, Marketing
  • MKTG-GB.2327, Research for Customer Insights
  • MKTG-GB.2347, Consumer Behavior
Select from all Marketing courses, as well as from the following, to complete nine credits for the specialization:
  • DBIN-GB.3111, Doing Business in Italy (Luxury Retail & Branding)
  • INFO-GB.3136, Search and the New Economy
  • INFO-GB.3310, Social Media and Digital Marketing Analytics
  • INFO-GB.3335, Electronic Communities
  • INFO-GB.3336, Data Mining for Business Analytics
  • INTA-GB.3340, Digital Marketing
  • OPMG-GB.2306, Supply Chain Management

Product Management

The Product Management Specialization prepares students to manage a product in a technology company. Product managers are responsible for orchestrating the design, positioning, development, and delivery of successful products. They generate, develop, and curate ideas, design products, create strategies and roadmaps, and plan releases. To be effective in this role, product managers must have not only a deep understanding of the market, the user, and the product, but knowledge of all the functions on which they depend and the ability to coordinate their efforts. This includes making sure that researchers provide the needed customer insights, engineers build the right products, salespeople sell, and the supply chain delivers. 

  • MKTG-GB.2191, Technology Product Management
Select from the following to complete nine credits for the specialization:
  • MKTG-GB.2109/2309, Advertising
  • MKTG-GB.2128, Consultative Selling
  • MKTG-GB.2129, Sales Management
  • MKTG-GB.2150, Social Media
  • MKTG-GB.2158, Research Methods for Customer Insights 
  • MKTG-GB.2159, Customer Insights Data Lab 
  • MKTG-GB.2180, Marketing Metrics
  • MKTG-GB.2327, Research for Customer Insights
  • MKTG-GB.2344/2354, Data Driven Decision Making – Managerial/Technical
  • MKTG-GB.2347, Consumer Behavior
  • MKTG-GB.2350, Marketing Planning & Strategy
  • MKTG-GB.2353, Pricing
  • MKTG-GB.2365, Brand Strategy
  • MKTG-GB.2370, New Products
  • MKTG-GB.2371, Innovation & Design
  • MKTG-GB.2181/2381, Creativity
  • MKTG-GB.3153, Marketing Impact Analytics
  • INFO-GB.2345, Tech & the City: Customer-Centric Digital Entrepreneurship
  • INFO-GB.3310, Social Media & Digital Marketing Analytics
  • INFO-GB.3322, Design & Development of Web & Mobile Apps
  • INFO-GB.3362, Emerging Technology & Business Innovation
  • INTA-GB.2307, Tech Industry Drivers
Any one of the following may also be counted toward the specialization:
  • INFO-GB.2335, Programming in Python & Fundamentals of Software Development
  • INFO-GB.2336, Data Science for Business Analytics
  • INFO-GB.3336, Data Mining for Business Analytics

Luxury Marketing

The specialization in Luxury Marketing allows students to develop the perspective and skills necessary to pursue careers in the luxury sector. This is an important part of the economy, both in the US and worldwide. Marketing luxury products and services presents a number of unique challenges including the nature of the target market, importance of establishing a strong relationship with customers, the critical role of brand image, and the nature of the distribution system. This specialization offers a wide range of courses, including the Doing Business in Italy: Luxury & Retail Branding, which provides students with exposure to the high fashion and luxury industry in one of the fashion capitals of Europe. Luxury industry companies who have hired Stern graduates recently include Louis Vuitton, Bloomingdale's, Chanel, Coach, Kate Spade, Oscar de la Renta, Nordstrom, Tory Burch, Hermès, and Tiffany.

  • MKTG-GB.2126/2326, Luxury Marketing
Select from the following to complete nine credits for the specialization:
  • DBIN-GB.3111, Doing Business in Italy (Luxury Retail & Branding)
  • INTA-GB.3344, Fashion Law & Business
  • INTA-GB.3345, Fashion Industry: Creativity & Business
  • MKTG-GB.2127, Advanced Luxury Marketing
  • MKTG-GB.2128, Consultative Selling
  • MKTG-GB.2129, Sales Management
  • MKTG-GB.2136, Luxury Launch
  • MKTG-GB.2153, Pricing Strategy
  • MKTG-GB.2345, Building & Managing Customer Relations
  • MKTG-GB.2350, Marketing Planning & Strategy, with approved luxury project*
  • MKTG-GB.2353, Pricing Strategy
  • MKTG-GB.2365, Brand Strategy, with approved luxury project*
  • MKTG-GB.2371, Innovation & Design
  • MKTG-GB.2375, Retail Strategy
  • MKTG-GB.2381, Creativity
  • OPMG-GB.2306, Supply Chain Management (Business Logistics)
  • OPMG-GB.2313, Operations in Entertainment: Las Vegas

*For MKTG-GB.2350 and MKTG-GB.2365 to count toward this specialization, the course project must focus on luxury.  Once your professor has approved a luxury project and completed this form, you must submit the form to the Office of Records & Registration.