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Tuition Remission

Stern offers Teaching Fellow and Graduate Assistant positions to qualified MBA students. A fellowship or assistantship provides partial tuition credit, which is applied directly to your tuition account, for the semester in which you are employed.
Please note:

  •  If you have been hired as a teaching/graduate fellowship for a department,you must complete a contract AND RETURN TO: Teaching Assistance Center, KMC 7th floor, Room 7-100. The Bursar Office cannot extend you credit unless your contract has been approved by the Teaching Assistance Center.  Please indicate on line #5 of the  Tuition & Fees Worksheet Payment Form the amount you are receiving.
  • Information about teaching, research, and administrative positions are available at:
  • Loan eligibility may be affected for those students receiving Teaching Fellows and Graduate Assistants. Please refer to MBA Financial Aid for more information.

Tuition Remission (Eligible NYU Employees/Dependants)

Eligible students receiving NYU Employee Tuition Remission must indicate this on the mandatory Tuition & Fees Worksheet and pay any portion of tuition and fees not covered by the tuition remission by the payment deadline. Registration is not complete until you submit the mandatoryTuition & Fees Worksheet with payment to the Stern Bursar office.

How to Apply for NYU Employee Tuition Remission Online

Two days after initial course registration, the eligible NYU employee signs onto NYUHome and enters their NYU Net ID and Password.

  1. Click the Work tab
  2. Under the Administrative Systems heading, click Login, which brings the employee to the Tuition Remission System Sign-On page
  3. Once again, enter your NYU-Net ID and Password
  4. Click Tuition Remission System
  5. Follow the steps to submit your Tuition Remission application