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Refund Policy


You may access the 100% tuition and registration/service fee refund date for each class by going to following link:

Registration and service fees are non-refundable after the 100% tuition and fees refund date for each class.

The fee for Non-Credit Business Writing, Non-Credit Math Preparation and Non-Credit Accounting Preparation Workshop is refundable if you drop prior to the start of each workshop.

* The three summer modules are treated as one "Summer Semester" for all Bursar purposes, including financial aid and company sponsorship.  The self-contained modules in Summer refer to the method of course delivery only.

Complete Withdraw from the semester

Students who drop all their courses during the semester will be refunded according to the stated refund percentage for complete withdrawals (see refund schedule for students who withdraw from all classes). The “effective date” of any drop or withdrawal is the date the student completed the request on-line, in person (add/drop form done at the Office of Records and Registration) by fax (date on fax: [212] 995-4424) or by mail (postmark date). Please refer to the Tuition Refund Schedule to determine the refund you will receive.

The difference between a “Drop” and a “Withdrawal” is:
  • A Drop is done during the refund period (see the Tuition Refund Schedule) and the course is deleted from the transcript.
  • A Withdrawal is done after the refund period (see the Tuition Refund Schedule) and the course appears on the transcript with a non-credit grade of “W”. There is no refund for a withdrawal and students will have to pay for the additional credits they must take to make up for the “W”.

Students wishing an exception to the published refund schedule may appeal to the MBA Academic Policy Board in writing and document the circumstances warranting consideration. Serious illness or military service may be considered causes of exceptions. Travel required for a job or other job-related issues are not reasons for exceptions to the refund policy.

Email your appeal to the MBA Academic Policy Board at