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Course Management

These tutorials will show you how to access your Blackboard course sites, how to modify the course menu and how to customize your course. Here you will also learn how to add an item, folder, and external or EZProxy link to your Blackboard course site. We have also included two video tutorials that show you how to make your course site available or unavailable and how to add a user.

PDF Tutorials

  1. Accessing Blackboard
  2. Modifying the course menu
  3. Customizing your course
  4. Adding an item to a Blackboard course site
  5. Adding a folder to a Blackboard course site
  6. Adding an External Link
  7. Adding a link to the NYU Library using EZProxy

Video Tutorials Small Video Icon

  1. How do I make my Blackboard course Available or Unavailable to students? (47 secs)
  2. How do I add a user to my Blackboard course? (80 secs)

Communication and Collaboration

This section covers announcements, sending email, the discussion board and the virtual classroom and chat tools. Additionally, there is a video tutorial that will show you how to create groups and enroll users.

PDF Tutorials

  1. Announcements
  2. Sending email to students
  3. The Discussion Board
  4. The Virtual Classroom & Chat tools

Video Tutorials Small Video Icon

  1. Creating Groups and Enrolling users in Blackboard. (26 secs)

Assignments, Test & Surveys

Tutorials in this section cover tests, surveys, assignments self and peer assessments. You will also find nine video tutorials here, each under five minutes in length. These videos will take you through the process of creating a test, survey, assignment or Turnitin assignment.

PDF Tutorials (Click for full text)

Video Tutorials Small Video Icon

Managing Adaptive Release

Adaptive release can help you control how students interact with content. In this section you will learn more about the power of adaptive release for groups or individuals.

PDF Tutorials (Click for Full Text)

Video Tutorials Small Video Icon

  1. Managing Adaptive Release for Groups. (2 min 34 secs)

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