Academic Planning for IBEX

With the right planning, any Stern undergraduate student studying any concentration can participate in the IBEX program. It is important to meet with an academic adviser early in your academic career to discuss your interest in studying abroad.

IBEX Course Selection
Your course selection is individualized based on your particular curriculum and the IBEX partner school you will be attending. Course offerings vary at each institution. You should use the current list of approved course equivalencies as a guide in selecting possible classes; however we cannot guarantee that a course on the current list will be offered during the semester you are interested in studying abroad. Visit our Partner Schools pages for a list of approved course equivalencies at each location.

Every semester additional courses are evaluated by Stern and NYU faculty and added to the list of approved courses. Once an IBEX institution releases its current course offerings for a particular semester, you can review the offerings and, if needed, submit any courses that have not already been evaluated to Stern’s International Exchanges & Special Programs for approval. You may be able to fulfill business core requirements, concentration requirements, minor requirements and electives while abroad.

Note: You can take a maximum of two classes per concentration during your semester abroad. Also, you cannot take any Accounting courses abroad for credit toward your Accounting or CPA concentrations (if applicable).

A note on the Barr Family International Studies Program (ISP)

If you choose to study abroad during the spring semester of your Junior year, you will not take the MGMT-UB 11 International Studies Program course. Instead, you will be required to complete a substitute course in its place. Please see an academic adviser for details.

Language Requirements

All of the IBEX partner schools offer coursework in English. It is helpful to have some background in French for Sciences Po, HEC Paris and Université Paris Dauphine in Paris; likewise, it is helpful to have some background in Korean for Yonsei University and in Mandarin for Peking University. If you wish to take coursework in a language other than English, you may be asked to demonstrate proficiency through an examination or other documentation requested by the partner school.

Online Courses

Stern does not grant credit for any courses taken online.

Grades and Credit Transfer for Coursework Taken Abroad

Grades for all IBEX courses are transferred back to your NYU transcript with a pass/fail grade. You must receive a passing grade according to your host institution's grading scale in order to transfer the credit back to NYU. Failing grades will factor into your GPA. If you fail a class it will be transferred back as a fail and cannot be waived or omitted from your NYU transcript.  IBEX participants are allowed only one additional pass/fail course at Stern after completing their semester abroad.

Prior to leaving NYU, you will be registered for approximately four or five generic IBEX courses. Once the Dean's Office receives your transcript from your IBEX school at the end of the semester and verifies passing grades, the Registrar will be notified of the credit transfer. Your NYU transcript will not indicate the title of the IBEX courses taken abroad. It will only indicate the generic course title (IBEX Study Abroad) for each registered IBEX course.

Note: Since your NYU transcript will not indicate specific courses taken or grades (other than pass/fail) received during your term abroad, some employers and graduate schools may request more information. The transcript you receive from your IBEX partner school can be used to supplement your NYU transcript. It will list the specific courses you took along with your actual grades.

Please refer to the FAQs page for additional information.

Courses Abroad on IBEX

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Visit our Partner Schools page for a list of approved course equivalencies.

Study Abroad Career Resources

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