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The Seoul skyline
Seoul, South Korea

Yonsei University

Yonsei University, located just 20 minutes away from the Seoul metropolitan area, is Korea's oldest and most international university. See it for yourself.

Program Overview

About Yonsei University

Yonsei University logo

As the oldest university in Korea, Yonsei University traces its roots back to April 10, 1885, when, by Royal Decree, King Kojong opened the first modern hospital. Yonsei University was established in 1957 when Yonsei University and the Severance Union Medical College and Hospital were formally united, and the new institution was renamed as Yonsei University, derived from the first two syllables of the two institutions. Yonsei is particularly fortunate to have a spacious and well-wooded campus located just 20 minutes away from the economic, political, and cultural centers of the Seoul metropolitan area. It has 18 graduate schools, 19 colleges, and 111 subsidiary institutions. With its student body comprised of the top 1 percent of high school graduates in Korea, Yonsei University is proud of its long history as the leading institution of higher education in Korea, as well as of its reputation as the most international university in Korea. The University has over 36,000 undergraduate students and over 1,500 full time faculty members.


Term Dates

Yonsei University offers IBEX opportunities in fall and spring semesters.

  • Fall semester: mid-August to mid-December
  • Spring semester: mid-February to mid-June

Dates are approximate and may be subject to change.


Housing and Living Costs

  • Housing: on- and off-campus housing is available, and prices ranges between KRW 1,456,000 – 2,565,000/semester.
  • Meals: approximately KRW 400,000 – 600,000/month.
  • Books: approximately KRW 150,000 – 250,000/semester.
  • Transportation: approximately KRW 50,000 – 100,000/month.

KRW = South Korean won

Find out more about IBEX tuition, housing and other logistics.


Language of Instruction

English and Korean


Student Services

The student services available to exchange students include:

  • International Buddy Program
  • Activities organized by the Division of International Education and Exchange
  • Student clubs and organizations 

Academic Information

If you are accepted to IBEX, you will attend two individual advising meetings to plan and revise your schedule: one with NYU Stern Academic Advising and one with the NYU Stern International Programs team. As you build your academic schedule for your semester abroad, carefully review and consider the following course information. Please note that Yonsei requires a minimum 3.0 GPA for all exchange students.


IBEX Course Information

  • You may take a full semester of business classes while abroad on IBEX.
  • Leave room for at least two general electives in your schedule. This allows you to:
    • Take interesting, location-specific courses not offered at Stern, and
    • Have more flexibility during the course registration process.
  • Reference the IBEX Course Guide: What you can or cannot take.
    • You can take a maximum of two classes per concentration.
    • Accounting courses cannot be taken for credit toward the Accounting or CPA majors/concentrations.
    • All IBEX grades will transfer back to NYU Stern as Pass/Fail.


Previously Approved Courses

  • Listed below are courses that were taken previously by Stern IBEX students and have already been approved for a specific NYU equivalent.
  • There is no guarantee that the courses listed here will be offered during the specific semester you study abroad. It is important to be flexible. Have a Plan A and Plan B and the space to take some electives.
  • If a course is already listed below as approved, it does not need to be reviewed again, unless you want to see if it will count towards a new requirement.


Finding New Courses

  • You are not limited to only taking the courses listed on this page.
  • If you see a course on Yonsei’s website that you would like to take, but is not listed below, you must submit the syllabus to Stern’s Global Experiences team for approval.
  • Once Yonsei publishes its confirmed courses for the semester you will be attending, you can revise your list as needed based on what is being offered.


List of Approved Courses

Please note that exchange students have encountered challenges enrolling in computer science, data science, and artificial intelligence courses due to limited availability. As with all topics, it is very important to continue to be as flexible as possible when selecting courses.

List of Approved Courses
Course Title AbroadNYU CreditsCourse Equivalent at NYUSemester Taken
BIZ2121 Production and Operations Management3OPMG-UB 1 Operations ManagementFall 2013, Spring 2013, Fall 2017
BIZ3189 Management Information Systems3INFO-UB.1 - Info Tech in Bus & SocietyFall 2018
ECO3111-01 Regional Economics3Advanced Economics ElectiveSpring 2022
ECO3112-01-00 Korean Economy3Advanced Economics ElectiveSpring 2022


3Advanced Finance ElectiveSpring 2024

 ISF6009 Investment and Risk Management 1


 Advanced Finance Elective

Fall 2023

 BIZ3120-02 Investment Theory


 Advanced Finance Elective

Fall 2023

 ISF6023-01 Corporate Finance


 Advanced Finance Elective

Fall 2023
IEE3159-01-00 Money, Banking, and Finance3Advanced Finance ElectiveSpring 2022
BIZ3162 Money and Banking3Advanced Finance ElectiveFall 2021
YCJ1005 Game-Theoretic Strategy and Financial Engineering3Advanced Finance ElectiveFall 2017
IEE3347 Corporate Finance3Advanced Finance ElectiveFall 2017
ECO4865 Real Estate Finance and Economics3Advanced Finance Elective (cannot also get credit for FINC-UB 39 Real Estate Primary Markets)Fall 2019
ECO3130 International Money and Finance3Advanced Finance ElectiveFall 2019

 ISM4519 Global Finance & Corporate Governance

3Advanced Finance ElectiveFall 2022
BIZ4131 Global Business Environment3Advanced Global Business ElectiveFall 2021

 ECO3112 Korean Economy

3Advanced Global Business ElectiveFall 2021

 COM2105 Understanding of Advertising

3MKTG-UB 3Spring 2024
BIZ3126-02 Consumer Behavior3MKTG-UB 2 - Consumer BehaviorFall 2017
BIZ3135 International Marketing3MKTG-UB 64 Global Marketing StrategyFall 2018
CNT3114 Brand Management of Culture and Fashion3Advanced Marketing ElectiveFall 2022
CNT3139 Fashion Products & International Trade3Advanced Marketing ElectiveFall 2022
IEE3349 Advertising3Advanced Marketing ElectiveFall 2018

 BIZ3147-06 Strategic Management

3Advanced Management Elective (cannot also get credit for MGMT-UB 18 Strategic Analysis)Fall 2022
BIZ4189-01-00 Business Negotiations3Advanced Management ElectiveSpring 2022
BIZ3202.01 Strategy and Success3MGMT-UB 18 Strategic AnalysisSpring 2022
BIZ3134 International Management3MGMT-UB 4 International Business ManagementFall 2018

 AAI3120 Machine Learning

3TECH-UB 57 Data Science for Business Spring 2024
AIC2120 Introduction to AI and its Applications3Advanced Computing & Data Sciences ElectiveFall 2023
BIZ3198 - Introduction to Business Programming3Advanced Computing & Data Sciences ElectiveFall 2023
BIZ3189 Management Information Systems3Advanced Computing & Data Sciences ElectiveFall 2023
STA4123-01 Introduction to Optimization for Data Science3Advanced Computing & Data Sciences ElectiveFall 2023
STA4122-01-00 Information Theory for Data Science3Advanced Computing & Data Sciences ElectiveFall 2023
BIZ2122 Management Science3Advanced Computing & Data Sciences ElectiveFall 2022
EEE4470 Computer Network3Advanced Computing & Data Sciences ElectiveFall 2018
LIS4808 Informatics and Data Science3Advanced Statistics ElectiveFall 2017
STA2104 Computer Programming3Advanced Statistics Elective, Non-Stern General ElectiveFall 2017, Fall 2018
STA3108 Survival Analysis3Advanced Statistics ElectiveFall 2017
STA3126 Mathematical Statistics (1)3Advanced Statistics ElectiveFall 2017
BIZ3197 Introduction to Business Analytics3MULT-UB.7 - Decision Models and AnalyticsFall 2018


3Sustainable Business Elective (Issue Area)Spring 2024


3Sustainable Business Elective (Issue Area)Spring 2024
UCI1167-01 Social Innovation & CSR3Sustainable Business Elective (Discipline)Fall 2022

 SOC6565-01 SOCIAL Class and Issues of Inequality


 Sustainable Business Elective (Issue Area)

Fall 2022
Korean Art History3

 General Non-Stern Elective

Fall 2023
IEE3300 Contemporary Korean Cinema and Society3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2022
IEE3372-02 Understanding of Digital Media3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2022
IEE1013.01 Basic Korean III3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2022
POL 4135-01 Global China and World Politics 3General Non-Stern ElectiveSpring 2022
CFS3114 Personality Development3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2021
Intensive Korean Language (Level 1)6General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2021
Intensive Korean Language (Level 2)6General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2021
Intensive Korean Language (Level 3)6General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2021
Intensive Korean Language (Level 4)6General Non-Stern Elective Fall 2021
IEE3329 Brain, Cognition and Daily Life3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2021
IEE3317 Media Communication in Korea3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2021
ASP3030 Food and Culture in Asia3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2019
IEE1154 Korean Popular Culture and Korean Wave3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2017
IEE2084 Korean Food and Culture3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2018
IEE2021 Korean Traditional Music and Culture3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2019
IEE3341 Korean (1)3General Non-Stern Elective Fall 2019
IEE3371 Understanding K-POP3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2019
IEE3580 Korean Government and Public Policy3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2017
UIC3587 Culture, Media, and the Politics of Beauty3General Non-Stern ElectiveFall 2019
BIZ3166-01-00 Service Operations Management3General Stern ElectiveFall 2022
BIZ3182-01-003General Stern ElectiveFall 2022
Money and Banking3General Stern ElectiveSpring 2022
IEE3107 Pre-Modern Korean History3Cultures and Contexts Fall 2021
HUM2049-01 Korean History seen through Historic Figures3BPE Area Studies ElectiveSpring 2022
IEE3108-01 Modern Korean History3BPE Area Studies ElectiveSpring 2022
CLC3705-01 East Asian Cinema and Cultural Crossing3BPE Area Studies ElectiveSpring 2022
Democracy In South Korea3BPE Area Studies ElectiveSpring 2022
Intro to Astronomy3Natural ScienceSpring 2022


3Cultures and ContextsSpring 2024



 Cultures and Contexts

Spring 2024
Ell3921 English Bible and English Literature3Texts and IdeasFall 2023
IEE3149 Philosophy in East Asian Literature3Texts and IdeasFall 2021
ELL4921 Modernity and the Idea of the Sacred3Texts and IdeasFall 2021
ELL3929 Utopian Literature and Thought3Text and IdeasFall 2021




Spring 2024
ISM2105-01 International Economics3ECON-UB 11 Economics of Global Business (EGB)Fall 2017
BIZ4183 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Psychological Approach3SOIM-UB 12 Professional Responsibility & Leadership (PRL)Fall 2018