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Stern's World-Renowned Faculty

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Jennifer Faculty
Stern’s world-class faculty is comprised of more than 200 internationally recognized scholars, including three Nobel Prize winners.

Ranked second in the world for research productivity in top journals, and mentioned in the news more than 23 times per day, NYU Stern faculty members are engaged with the business world, bringing their real-life experiences and practical lessons right into the classroom. Visit our Stern Faculty News to read the latest coverage.

Learn from Stern’s world-renowned faculty.

Our 200+ Stern faculty rank second as the most prolific researchers in the world, and are mentioned in the news more than 23 times per day. In fact, we have 3 Nobel Prize winning professors as well! As an undergraduate NYU Stern student, you have the opportunity to learn from top faculty in class and beyond. You might even have the chance to conduct one-on-one research with them through our Stern Program for Undergraduate Research!

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