Eric Mercadante

Eric Mercadante

Joined Stern 2023

Leonard N. Stern School of Business
Tisch Hall
40 West Fourth Street, 701C
New York, NY 10012


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Eric Mercadante is a post-doctoral research scholar in Management and Organizations at NYU Stern. He received his PhD from University of British Columbia in social-personality psychology in 2023. Eric's research examines how people's personality traits (e.g., greed, narcissism) motivate them to navigate social hierarchies in different ways and how these factors lead to different emotional reactions to successful and failed status pursuits. He is also interested in the sociocultural context surrounding status striving, and he studies this topic using big-data methods including natural language studies of social media.

Academic Background

PhD, 2023
University of British Columbia

MA, 2019
University of British Columbia

BA, Psychology, 2017
Northwestern University

Selected Publications

Mercadante, E. J., Heine, S. J., & Aquino, K. (2023)
Leadership in the eye of the beholder: Follower self-esteem is associated with divergent perceptions of leadership ability for dominant and prestigious leaders.
Journal of Personality, 91, 1253–1270.

Mercadante, E. J., Tracy, J. L., & Götz, F. M. (2023)
Greed communication predicts the approval and reach of US senators’ tweets.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 120(11), e2218680120.

Mercadante, E. J., & Tracey, J. L.
How does it feel to be greedy? The role of pride in avaricious acquisition.
Journal of Personality, in press