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Lioubov Pogorelova

Lioubov Pogorelova

Joined Stern 2010

Leonard N. Stern School of Business
Kaufman Management Center
44 West Fourth Street,
New York, NY 10012



Professor Pogorelova has been working at New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business since 2010. She also holds a joint appointment in the Mathematics Department and Economics Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, where she teaches Geometry and the Art of Design, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and International Economics, and where she developed and teaches a course in Mathematical Economics. Professor Pogorelova is a certified floral designer and also enjoys playing the piano, painting botanical watercolors, and exploring cultures.

Teaching Philosophy

Professor Pogorelova’s teaching philosophy synthesizes principles of Lev Vigotsky’s constructivism, Nevitt Sanford’s challenge and development theory, and the culture model. Together, these educational models comprise the three pillars of Professor Pogorelova’s pedagogical approach: (1) active learning, (2) high standards, and (3) diversity. With respect to the first pillar, Professor Pogorelova integrates project-based and problem-based learning, and educational technologies that allow students active exploration of the concepts and frameworks taught in class. With respect to the second pillar, Professor Pogorelova provides a rigorous and intellectually stimulating academic environment to facilitate the holistic development of students, in line with Vigotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development (where the tasks are achievable yet challenging) and with Sanford’s Challenge and Support theory, which stipulates that only when students overcome challenges do they attain meaningful development and maturation. With respect to the third pillar, Professor Pogorelova adheres to the cultural paradigm of student development, which embraces diversity and allows students to consider multiple points of view and acquire a view of the world congruent with a cultural perspective.

Research Interests

  • International tax law and economics
  • International business
  • Mathematics
  • Mathematics education
  • History of fashion
  • Food and culture

Courses Taught

  • Globalization of Business Enterprises
  • International Studies Program
  • The Global Resorts and Tourism Industry: France
  • The Global Theme/Amusement Park Industry: USA

Academic Background

Ph.D. (in progress), Mathematics Education
Teachers College, Columbia University

M.A., Visual Culture (Costume Studies)
New York University

M.A., Psychology
New York University

M.B.A., Concentration in International Business
University of Connecticut

M.S., Mathematics
Fairfield University

Advanced LLM, International Tax Law
Leiden University, The Netherlands

M.S., Accounting with a Concentration in Taxation
Quinnipiac University

Selected Publications

Pogorelova, L. (2022)
How much reform? Analysis of a chapter in a reform-based calculus textbook.
Journal of Mathematics Education at Teachers College, 13(1), 15-27.

Pogorelova, L. (2015)
Transfer-pricing and game theory.
Intertax, 43, 395-404.

Pogorelova, L. (2012)
Trade and transfer pricing.
Intertax, 40, 33-53.

Pogorelova, L. (2010)
Grey markets and transfer pricing.
Intertax, 38, 588-600.

Pogorelova, L. (2009)
Transfer pricing and anti-abuse rules.
Intertax, 37, 683-693.