Orly Sade

Orly Sade

Joined Stern 2006

Leonard N. Stern School of Business
Kaufman Management Center
44 West Fourth Street, 9-79
New York, NY 10012

E-mail osade@stern.nyu.edu
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Orly Sade (PhD), Visiting Associate professor of finance, joined New York University Stern School of Business in 2006

She is an Associate Professor of Finance (with tenure) at the Department of Finance, School of Business Administration, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She serves on the board of directors of the Israeli Securities Authority and she was a member of the advisory board of the Israeli Ministry of Finance's capital market division. She has been a visiting Associate Professor at additional leading world universities ( IE Madrid and NES, Moscow). Her research has been published in leading international academic journals. Professor. Sade served as director of the BA program at The Hebrew University and received the Abe Gray awards from the President of the Hebrew University. She has been awarded several research grants including from the Israel Science Foundation.

Professor Sade was a member of the Ministry of Finance committee which selected a company which cites non trade-able assets and served as a member of the investment committee for the "Hadassah" pension fund (part of the Israeli pension reform), the provident fund for Hebrew University employees, the welfare fund for Hebrew University employees, the investment committee responsible for investing funds of the academic staff union of Hebrew University, and "responsibility" mutual funds. She served as a member of the board of directors of the Hebrew University provident fund and as an outside director at Sigma Mutual Funds. She advised financial institutions and companies in the fields of finance, debt offerings and tenders. She worked in the banking sector and the Banking Supervision Department of the Bank of Israel.

Research Interests

  • Behavioral Finance
  • Crowdfunding
  • Household Finance
  • Experimental Economics/Finance

Academic Background

Ph.D., Finance, 2001
University of Utah

M.B.A., Business Administration, 1995
Tel-Aviv University

B.A., Economics and Management, 1993
Tel-Aviv University

Selected Publications

Orly Sade, co-authored with Emmanuel Morales Camargo, Charles Schnitzlein and Jaime Zender (2013)
Divisible Good Auctions with Asymmetric Information: An Experimental Examination
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, volume 48, issue 04, pp. 1271-1300

Orly Sade, co-authored with Menachem Brenner and Dan Galai (2009)
Sovereign Debt Auctions: Uniform or Discriminatory?
Journal of Monetary Economics vol. 56, issue 2, pages 267-274

Orly Sade, co-authored with Dan Galai (2006)
"The Ostrich Effect" and the Relationship between the Liquidity and the Yields of Financial Assets
Journal of Business Volume 79, Issue 5 , September 2006

Orly Sade, co-authored with Charles Schnitzlein and Jaime Zender (2006)
When Less (Potential Demand) is More (Revenue): Asymmetric Bidding Capacities in Divisible Good Auctions
Review of Finance Volume 10, Issue 3, 389-416

Orly Sade, co-authored with Charles Schnitzlein and Jaime Zender (2006)
Competition and Cooperation in Divisible Good Auctions: An Experimental Examination
Review of Financial Studies Volume 19 (1), January 2006, 195-235

Orly Sade, co-authored with Avner Kalay and Avi Wohl (2004)
Measuring Stock Illiquidity: an Investigation of the Demand and Supply Schedules at the TASE
Journal of Financial Economics Volume 74, Issue 3, December 2004, pages 461-486