Selection of Major and Co Majors

The selection of a major or co-major is the most important decision that you will make as a Stern undergraduate student. The selection of a major or co-major has far reaching long-term consequences for professional career choices. This site and the accompanying bulletin provides you with information about career opportunities available to students who major or co-major in Accounting at Stern. The majors and co-majors options offered by the department are intended to provide you with a solid educational foundation that will prepare you for a professional career in the new economy and position yourself for long-term success. The courses we offer are designed to enable you to develop the essential financial skills needed to succeed in today's highly competitive changing digital economic landscape of e-commerce.

CPA Track

All certified public accounting majors must take a minimum of 60 points of general education courses. Economics courses are considered to be both general education and professional courses and as such are accept-able for this purpose. Accounting majors who wish to apply for admission to the CPA examination in New York State must present evidence of successful completion of a course of study in a college or school of accountancy registered by the New York State Education Department. The New York University Certified Public Accounting Program is so registered. Interested students should write to the State Education Department, Albany, NY 12230, requesting Handbook 14. (Click here for a representative CPA program. Please note, the file is in pdf format.)

General Accounting Track

The General Accounting program is designed to make it possible for the student to co-major in related disciplines such as Finance, International Business, Information Systems and Marketing (Click here for a representative General Accounting program. Please note, the file is in pdf format.)

Click here for a
complete list of Accounting courses. (The file is in pdf format).
Co Major Options
To address this need, we have accordingly put together a comprehensive program designed to give the student majoring in Finance the necessary financial statements analytical skills needed for a successful career in Finance. So what does it take for a Finance major to co major in accounting? Only one Accounting course recommended by the Finance Department in the junior year, and three Accounting electives in the senior year. (Click here for a representative
General Accounting and Finance co major program. Click here for a representative CPA and Finance double major program.)

Other Co majors

  •  Information Systems
  • International Business
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Statistics
  • Click here for more information about these comajors.

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