Program Overview

Built at the Intersection of Business and Tech

Designed for students with a passion for technology, the Andre Koo Tech MBA gives the tools of business to those pursuing careers in the industry. A specialized core and elective courses complement built-in immersive opportunities.


Stern Solutions

A Deep Dive in Disruption

Throughout the program, Andre Koo Tech MBA students create a diverse portfolio of experiences by participating in built-in projects on the east and west coasts.

Experiential Learning

Tech MBA Advisory Board

NYU Stern's newly-formed Tech MBA Advisory Board is composed of experts from top companies:

  • Don Callahan
    Head of Technology & Operations, Citigroup
  • Jared Cohen
    Founder and CEO, Jigsaw; Advisor to the Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc.
  • Greg Coleman
    President, BuzzFeed
  • Joel Cutler
    Co-founder and Managing Director, General Catalyst
  • Janet Foutty
    Chairman and CEO, Deloitte Consulting
  • David Ko
    President and COO, Rally Health, Inc.
  • Andre J.L. Koo
    Chairman of Chailease Group
  • Salil Parekh
    CEO and Managing Director, Infosys
  • Michelle Peluso
    SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, IBM Corporation
  • Maria Renz
    Vice President Delivery Experience and Robotics, Amazon
  • Dan Schulman
    President and CEO, PayPal
  • Umesh Subramanian
    Co-head of the Technology Division, Goldman Sachs
  • Jeff Teper
    Corporate Vice President, Office, OneDrive & SharePoint at Microsoft
  • David Tisch
    Managing Partner/Founder, Box Group


Business core + specialized courses will sharpen your business skills. Designed for students with a passion for technology and exposure to the field.


In NYC and Silicon Valley, hands-on engagements with NYU Stern Tech MBA Advisory Board companies provide practical experience in tech leadership and problem-solving.


The one-year, full-time MBA program runs from May to May, maximizing your time and financial investment.

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Amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown New York, join a collaborative group of MBA students at NYU Stern. Learn more about our community and ways to get involved.

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