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Academics at Stern are infused with real-life business lessons, with experienced faculty who have led, founded, and influenced some of the world’s top businesses.

Learn from the Experts 

Our 300+ faculty members are experts in far reaching fields and include 4 Nobel laureates, senior business leaders, and top researchers across industries. Many of our faculty members have led, founded, and influenced some of the world’s top businesses – most of which are based in NYC. 

The flavor of education at Stern isn’t just about learning through lecture. Many classes use the case method, and professors often bring in speakers who either reside in or are passing through NYC – access that only our location can grant.

Faculty Spotlight


Amy Webb

Professor Amy Webb is a quantitative futurist whose research focuses on strategic foresight and using data to model probable, plausible and possible scenarios for the future. Professor Webb is the founder of the Future Today Institute, a leading strategic foresight and future forecasting firm that researches emerging technology.

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Arun Sundararajan

Professor Sundararajan's research studies how digital technologies transform business, government and civil society. He has published over 50 scientific papers in peer-reviewed academic journals and conferences and over 35 op-eds. His best-selling and award-winning book, “The Sharing Economy,” was published by the MIT Press in 2016.

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What Our Alumni Are Saying


Kelly Yuen, MBA 2022

"My favorite class at Stern was Leadership in Organizations (LiO) with Nate Pettit. The class pushed me to learn new soft and hard skills as a leader and helped me grow both personally and professionally. Nate is the best professor and I’m so glad it’s a class that was built into our curriculum."

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Jeff Spielberg

Jeff Spielberg, MBA 2019

"My favorite class at Stern was 'Predicting the Future of Technology' with Professor Amy Webb. We learned how to differentiate what's trendy in tech versus what's actually a trend to care about, and how to systematically approach the future for any type of company or organization."

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Tech MBA student Chaoyun Bao

Chaoyun Bao, MBA 2019

"I would say the person who influenced my career search the most was Professor Sonia Marciano, my strategy professor. When I felt stuck searching for product manager positions early in the fall, I remembered what she told us in our class: 'Leverage your strength and be big in the dimension that matters.'"

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