Industry Insights

The Tech MBA Advisory Board

Drawing from businesses in our own backyard and beyond, the Tech MBA Advisory Board is composed of experts from top companies. Advisors consult on curriculum development, sponsor Stern Solutions projects, and provide insight into student employment opportunities.

Tech MBA Advisory Board Members

  • Don Callahan
    Head of Technology & Operations, Citigroup
  • Jared Cohen
    Founder and CEO, Jigsaw; Advisor to the Executive Chairman of Alphabet Inc.
  • Greg Coleman
    President, BuzzFeed
  • Joel Cutler
    Co-founder and Managing Director, General Catalyst
  • Janet Foutty
    Chairman and CEO, Deloitte Consulting
  • David Ko
    President and COO, Rally Health, Inc.
  • Andre J.L. Koo
    Chairman of Chailease Group
  • Salil Parekh
    CEO and Managing Director, Infosys
  • Michelle Peluso
    SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, IBM Corporation
  • Maria Renz
    Vice President Delivery Experience and Robotics, Amazon
  • Dan Schulman
    President and CEO, PayPal
  • Umesh Subramanian
    CTO, Citadel
  • Jeff Teper
    Corporate Vice President, Office, OneDrive & SharePoint at Microsoft
  • David Tisch
    Managing Partner/Founder, Box Group

“In our line of work, there is an acute need for people who understand both business and technology. The Stern Tech MBA is primed to develop this type of talent.”
Don Callahan, Head of Technology & Operations, Citigroup

“I’m excited to serve on NYU Stern’s board and advise on how NYU’s top-tier business school can continue producing students who are at the forefront of tech and business. Stern alumni are adding tremendous value at companies like Amazon, and I’m looking forward to joining their board.”
Maria Renz, Vice President Delivery Experience and Robotics, Amazon