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Experiential Learning

Design. Build. Launch.

Our suite of experiential learning opportunities is built into the curriculum and immerses you in the tech industry to solve real-world problems.

Stern Solutions, Built for the Tech MBA

Our suite of experiential learning courses, Stern Solutions, are built into every aspect of the Andre Koo Tech MBA curriculum to help you build a portfolio of skill sets, relationships, and experiences to serve as the foundation for a successful career. Each semester, you have the opportunity to participate in experiential learning opportunities that enable you to design, build and launch technical solutions. The Tech MBA program has three experiential courses uniquely crafted for, and only open to, the Tech MBA program; the fourth opportunity allows students to further their experiences through the broader suite of experiential electives. 

Through Stern Solutions, you are immersed in industry and work on projects that enable you to design, build and launch technological solutions to solve real-world problems. From exploring new product opportunities to analyzing untapped customer segments, Stern Solutions leverages the intellectual horsepower of NYU Stern students and faculty. We tackle complex business challenges while preparing the next generation of leaders to effectively navigate the increasingly complex world of technology and business.

Summer Semester - Design


NYC Immersion

Hit the ground running with a crash course in the NYC tech ecosystem. This first project - comprised of company visits, guest lectures, skills-based workshops - will teach you to determine business needs worth solving, to validate insights with data, and to design products that can feasibly be built and launched.

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Fall Semester - Build

Robo Advisor

Tech Solutions

With a semester’s worth of design thinking and data analytics under your belt, shift into building technological solutions for today’s problems. In this semester, you’ll work on prototyping and developing a product roadmap with clear KPIs and client requirements.

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Winter Semester - Launch


West Coast Immersion

Immerse yourself in the west coast tech ecosystem over two weeks in January. This intensive course set in Silicon Valley & Seattle tasks you with developing a go-to-market strategy for innovation projects, creating and articulating a value proposition, determining revenue and costs forecasts, and building a sustainable strategy.

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Spring Semster - Elective

technology photo

Stern Solutions

In your final semester, you have an opportunity to enroll in one of the many additional Stern Solutions courses offered. Past students have taken advantage of additional experiential course offerings such as Tech and the City, Endless Frontier Labs, Stern Consulting Corps (SCC), and Consulting Lab: Branding + Innovation.
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What Our Alumni Are Saying

luc micaelli

Luc Micaelli, MBA 2022

"I am the VP of Sourcing at InSITE, which maches a highly motivated group of MBA students from top programs with early stage startups or growth stage companies. InSITE Fellows work on semester-long consulting projects to solve interesting top-of-mind problems companies are experiencing."
MBA Student Catalina Grillo

Catalina Grillo, MBA 2020

"Over winter break, we spent two weeks in Seattle and San Francisco exploring the tech space there, visiting all kinds of companies. It was a wonderful opportunity to get a better understanding of each company’s role in the tech ecosystem, and how they were leveraging it to drive innovation within their organization."
chris sardone

Chris Sardone, MBA 2022

"Our team was able to both build a great rapport with our client and deliver valuable work product that they plan to apply to their business. As a result of this relationship, our sponsor has invested personal time to understand our professional backgrounds and career aspirations."