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Program Overview

Tailored to Technology

Our lock-step core curriculum allows you to complete your MBA in one year and graduate with a focus in technology.

Focused. Immersive. Accelerated.

NYU Stern's Andre Koo Tech MBA is designed to deepen your foundation in business and expand your knowledge of technology. The curriculum has four major components: 
  • The Business Core - Build broad knowledge in fundamental areas of business with courses like Leadership, Marketing, Accounting, and Strategy.
  • The Technology Core - Delve deep into the tech industry with courses like Technical Product Management, Emerging Technologies, Business Analytics, and DevOps and Software Engineering.
  • Stern Solutions - Tap into the heart of the global business ecosystem and solve a range of real-world problems at the intersection of business and technology. Stern Solutions helps students build a portfolio of skillsets, relationships and experiences that serve as the foundation for successful careers. 
  • Electives - Explore a specific functional area or take courses in an area of interest

Program Timeline

NYU Stern's Andre Koo Tech MBA is a one year program, running May to May. Students earn 52 credits to graduate with a focus in technology. NYU Stern's Andre Koo Tech MBA is a STEM designated degree program. For detailed information on eligibility and procedure please visit STEM OPT information on the Office of Global Services website. 


Why a One Year MBA

chris sardone

Chris Sardone, MBA 2022

"The one-year format was the more ROI-conscious choice given where my career was headed. I was also very sensitive to the fact that the pace of technological change is very fast. Being out of the workforce for too long in the tech industry would require a steeper learning curve post-MBA."
Meet Chris
marina vitale

Marina Vitale, MBA 2022

"The main reason why I chose Stern was the presence of this one year, tech focused MBA program that uniquely fit my needs thanks to a curriculum that perfectly balances tech, business and innovation core courses."
Meet Marina