Business and Political Economy Curriculum Overview

NYU Stern's unique Business and Political Economy curriculum incorporates business, politics, and economics coursework with international study to offer you a real-world understanding of today's global business environment.

Along with all NYU Stern students, you take required courses in our business, liberal arts, and social impact cores at NYU's Washington Square campus. Then, you'll study abroad for two semesters your sophomore year in London in the Fall and Shanghai in the Spring. You have the option of spending an additional semester away at a site where you will be able to fulfill the BPE requirements.

The Business Core provides an introduction to the key business disciplines of accounting, finance, and marketing, as well as an introduction to international business. After completing these business fundamentals, students may choose advanced business courses to complete some of the Stern elective requirements.

The Economics Core exposes students to the major concepts, tools and debates of economics today, with a strong focus on global economic linkages and trends. Students take microeconomics, macroeconomics, and more advanced courses in international economics and emerging markets.

The Politics Core introduces students to the study of politics. Coursework covers political theory, comparative politics, and international relations. Classes stress the challenges of globalization as well as focus on how politics, economics, and business interact at the international level.

The Social Impact Core is a four-course sequence focusing on issues of personal and professional ethics; corporate social responsibility; the role of law in business and commerce; and the interconnections between corporations, markets, cultures, governments, and our global society. Coursework emphasizes writing, debate, and discussion. Students take 'Organizational Communication and Its Social Context' during sophomore year as part of the four-course Social Impact Core.

The Liberal Arts Core, the cornerstone of the NYU Stern curriculum, is a solid grounding in the liberal arts and sciences. For students in the BPE Program, the Liberal Arts Core includes five courses designed to hone critical reading and writing skills, promote creative and logical thinking and heighten cultural awareness, with a focus on the regions in which students will study abroad. The Liberal Arts Core includes courses in writing, literature, natural science, calculus, statistics, and European & Asian history.

University Electives in the liberal arts complete the undergraduate degree requirements. Students have the opportunity to pursue elective courses, which can be used to pursue a minor, fulfill the BPE foreign-language requirement or to sample a wide range of courses that align to professional or personal interests.