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Professional Development Programs

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The Office of Student Engagement at the NYU Stern Undergraduate College supports the professional development of students through the following programs:

Industry Introduction Series
The Industry Introduction Series (IIS) provides freshmen, sophomores, and juniors at Stern with critical resources for professional development. The IIS is a 9-week workshop series that informs students' internship and career exploration. Each week, you can learn about a different industry from leading companies in the industry, alumni in the industry, Stern seniors who have interned in the industry, and Stern faculty.

Professional Development Series
The Professional Development Series (PDS) provides freshmen, sophomores, and juniors at Stern with critical resources for professional development. The PDS is a semester-long series that introduces you to the essential personal and professional skills that are necessary to compete for internships and full-time jobs. Students will learn how to develop a personal brand, how to convey their personal brand in a resume and interview, how to be a professional, and how to network. In each session, Stern alumni discuss these relevant topics and share their personal stories. The PDS concludes with advice from a distinguished speaker.

Case Walk-Through Series
The Case Walk-through Series (CWS) provides Stern students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge in the development of a solution for a real world business problem. The CWS consists of multiple cases and each case describes a business problem or situation, and requires students to work together as a team to offer an innovative solution. With professionals on hand to provide advice and discuss industry nuances, students will leave with a strong understanding of the sorts of problems faced in the field.

Alumni Career Engagement
The Alumni Career Engagement (ACE) program provides an opportunity for Stern students to receive personalized career guidance from alumni. Alumni meet with Stern students to give advice on resumes, cover letters, interviewing strategies, and careers. Participants are also welcome to network over refreshments after receiving/giving guidance.

Professional in Residence
The Professional in Residence (PiR) program is a 9-week series that brings industry professionals to Stern to meet with students for 15 minute one-on-one appointments.  During these meetings, professionals will review and offer advice on student resumes and answer questions they have about preparing for a career in the industry.

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Differentiate yourself with Stern professional development

The Undergraduate College’s Office of Student Engagement (OSE) is here to help you find your career calling or develop the skills you need to get there. Learn about potential careers in 20+ industries -- accounting, finance, marketing, and more -- in Stern’s Industry Introduction Series. Then, cultivate Stern friendships and develop professionally by joining one of our 24 industry-focused student clubs or taking the semester-long Professional Development Series. When you want to explore more deeply, you can showcase your knowledge through many case competitions or connect directly with industry leaders and Stern alumni through the Alumni Career Engagement program.