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Get answers to your BPE questions

If I enroll in the BPE degree, what degree will I graduate with and what is my major?

Students enrolling in BPE graduate with a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Business and Political Economy.

Can I double major within Stern or the College of Arts and Science in the BPE program?

A second concentration/major within Stern/business is not possible. You are welcome to use your allotment of business electives to take courses in different areas of business or you can take several electives in one area to get slightly more specialized expertise.

Although it is allowed to have a second major in the College of Arts and Science, this would be rare and challenging given that you're already studying three core areas. The feasibility of this path depends on your background (e.g. have you already completed proficiency in the foreign language requirement?) and the availability of summer coursework for the liberal arts major.

Can I complete a minor in addition to the Business & Political Economy degree?

Yes. You will have the opportunity to pursue elective courses, which can be used to pursue a minor, fulfill the BPE foreign language requirement, or sample a wide range of courses that align with your professional or personal interests.

What does the senior year research project entail? What are some examples of projects?

In the fall of your senior year, you will be challenged to connect your cross-continent knowledge as you conduct a semester-long research project on an issue facing our globalized world. Topics vary, but might include:
  • Analyzing the economic and political effects of Britain joining the Euro
  • Creating a marketing campaign to launch a product on the expanding Chinese market
  • Assessing the economic, political and cultural attractiveness of Vietnam as investment location
  • Creating an internationalization strategy for the South African wine industry

Where specifically are the campuses abroad located?

BPE students study at NYU's global campuses in London, and have the option of spending a semester at NYU’s global campuses in Shanghai, Washington, DC, or any other NYU site where students will be able to fulfill the BPE requirements. NYU's London campus is located on historic Bedford Square in Bloomsbury near the University of London and the British Museum.
For information on the locations of NYU’s other global sites, visit the NYU Study Away website.

Who teaches the courses at NYU’s global sites? Are they NYU Faculty?

NYU's campuses around the globe hire seasoned faculty as well as knowledgeable business executives with real-world experience to teach courses.

What types of internship or experiential learning opportunities are available at NYU’s global sites?

An international internship or experiential learning opportunity can be exciting and provide you with training related to your course of study. You may seek an internship provided you gain the appropriate work permit to be legally employed in the visiting country. NYU’s global sites have programs to assist students in finding opportunities and obtaining the appropriate permissions.

What is the program size? Will you increase the size if there is a lot of demand?

The BPE degree is carefully designed to welcome a class of 25-50 students. Because it uniquely integrates a rigorous curriculum with international study, maintaining a small class size is important to the student experience. If interest remains high, we may increase its size in the future.

If I am enrolled in BPE, will I take courses and interact with students in Stern's core business program?

Yes. Along with all Stern students, you will take courses in our business, liberal arts and social impact cores. You can also take electives or pursue a minor, which may entail classes from across Stern and NYU. Additionally, all Stern students share New York City arts and culture experiences through CACE and have opportunities to become involved in co-curricular activities.

Can I apply early decision?


Is there a separate application for the BPE degree?

No, you can just check the BPE box on the common NYU application.

What are you looking for in the BPE degree short answer question on the application?

It is important to use short answer question #4 to articulate why you're interested in the program, and why you think it is a good fit for your academic interests and personal goals.

If I get into BPE and decide that I would prefer to be in another program, can I switch before freshman year?

All admissions decisions made by the admissions committee are final, so you may not switch to Stern's Business degree or any other NYU program if accepted into BPE. For that reason, it is important you determine which undergraduate program at NYU is right for you before you apply. Visit the NYU Stern Undergraduate College and the NYU Office of Undergraduate Admissions web sites for more information.

Can I transfer into BPE after my freshman year of college?

No. Due to the thoroughly integrated nature of the BPE degree and the careful tracking across the four years, we will be unable to accept transfer students after the freshman year of college is complete.
However, during freshman year, current Stern BS in Business freshman transfers will be allowed on a very limited basis. If you are currently a Stern BS in Business freshman interested in transferring into BPE, please speak to an adviser.

Is tuition different for the BPE degree?

No, tuition is the same. Please visit the NYU Bursar web site for more information on tuition costs and financial aid.

What extra costs will I incur as part of BPE?

You are responsible for travel and living expenses throughout the program. While there are additional expenses associated with studying abroad, NYU works hard to keep costs low while maintaining a high quality of services and facilities.
For a breakdown of estimated costs per semester at NYU’s global sites, visit the NYU study away website.