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Semesters Abroad

Live and study in the world’s business centers

International study is a key component of the BPE degree. Your cross-continent experiences will give you in-depth knowledge of business, politics and economics in different cultures. To foster a unique global perspective, the BPE program includes two full semesters of global study at NYU's campuses in London and Shanghai during your sophomore year.

London Quick Facts
  • London is one of the most diverse and dynamic cities in the world
  • Students at NYU London live and study in the city center in charming Bloomsbury known as the city's literary capital
  • The people of London are generally approachable and helpful with directions or recommendations
  • The NYU European travel destinations include Paris, Rome, Prague, Amsterdam, and Madrid
  • The weather in London is very unpredictable, so always be prepared with a waterproof jacket and an umbrella
  • Learn more about NYU's campus in London
Shanghai Quick Facts
  • Shanghai is the largest city in China and also its economic center
  • Chinese people are very interested in foreigners and pay more attention to foreign strangers than local strangers
  • The NYU Chinese travel destinations include Beijing, Chengdou, Hangzhou, and Stone Forest
  • The weather in Shanghai is similar to weather in New York - hot in the summer and cold in the winter
  • Whenever you go shopping in China, you have to bargain for what you are buying.
  • Learn more about NYU's campus in Shanghai
Visit NYU’s study away website for an overview of NYU’s global academic centers.

Aditi Shankar on BPE

Aditi Sidebar
Aditi Shankar blogs about studying abroad through BPE.

Namrita Singh on London

Tell us about a course you took while abroad. What did you learn that you don't think you would have learned in the U.S.?

I took a course called Contemporary Art in Britain. My professor took us to galleries and museums where we would have presentations and lectures. It was so cool to be able to learn about artists right in front of their works. It takes learning about such material to another level. It was also a great way to see more sights around London.

Alan Chen on Shanghai

Did you travel while abroad? If so, where? And what was it like?

Of course I traveled abroad! Some of the best experiences I had were while traveling with my friends. I traveled to Beijing, Nanjing, Huangshan, Suzhou, and even Thailand for spring break. From waiting on line at a local train ticket vendor to traveling with local Chinese people, traveling is definitely a novel experience. The possibilities of the places you can go and what you can do are limitless.