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Liberal Arts & Business Cores

Your Undergraduate Foundation

The cornerstone of the Stern Business degree is a solid grounding in the liberal arts and sciences. Typically, this sequence includes five courses designed to heighten cultural awareness, hone critical reading and writing skills, and promote creative and logical thinking.

Courses include:
  • Calculus I or higher level math
  • Writing the Essay
  • Texts & Ideas
  • Cultures & Contexts
  • Science
Business Core Courses
[Required Tools Courses] All students take required tools courses in financial accounting, microeconomics, and statistics, which serve as the building blocks to the business degree.

Functional Core Options
Students will choose four of the following six courses, which provide a foundation for exploring a wide range of business areas, enabling you to make an informed decision about which Stern concentration to pursue:
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Foundations of Finance
  • Information Technology in Business & Society
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Management & Organizational Analysis
  • Competitive Advantage from Operations