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Warren Buffett 2016
Honors program students travel to Omaha, Nebraska with Assistant Dean Tiffany Boselli (left) to meet Warren Buffett (center).

Undergraduate students can participate in a variety of research opportunities with Stern faculty. These opportunities reflect Stern's ongoing commitment to academic excellence.
  • Honors Program: Established in 2001, the Honors Program pairs high-achieving seniors with faculty members who mentor participants through graduate-level research and thesis development over the course of two semesters.
  • Stern Program For Undergraduate Research (SPUR): Through the SPUR database, students expand their intellectual development through academic research, learning from world renowned Stern faculty conducting state-of-the-art research projects. Stern students engage one-on-one with Stern faculty to learn research methodologies used in the field and directly support their groundbreaking research.

Doing Research: Student Views

Kevin Baker - Thumbnail
"Performing research is a great experience to prepare for potential graduate opportunities and is an important skill to develop as I enter the consulting industry.” Kevin Baker (BS '14)

Anisha Thumbnail

"SPUR has been a really exciting opportunity to potentially add to the ongoing research in the new field of Revenue Management and Pricing.” Anisha Patel (BS '14)