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Dynamic Community

Stern's outstanding academic program is enhanced by an unparalleled student experience in a city with unbeatable cultural and educational opportunities. We attract passionate, self-motivated people.

Our student body is made up of smart, dynamic individuals from all over the world who represent many different backgrounds and interests. Surround yourself with people who will inspire and stretch you.

From day one, you join a micro-community of peers who form your cohort group and become a lasting source of friendship and support throughout your four years. Throughout your four years at Stern, you have the opportunity to engage in a multitude of activities and events that supplement their academic experience.

You can get involved and serve as leaders in organizations such as Student Council and the Inter-Club Council. You may also participate in honors programs, community service projects, business conferences and social events that include International Food Festivals, sporting events, and the Stern Semi-formal.

Why Stern? Reason 10:

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Not a typical university life

Life at NYU is as diverse and dynamic as the city for which we are named. You might live in an NYU residence hall, recently listed among the top 10 best dorms in the country on Huffington Post, or you might live “off campus.” No matter where you make your home away from home, the Cohort Program helps you connect with the Stern community from your first day on campus. Wondering what you do when you aren’t in class? With 400+ NYU clubs with activities ranging from Theater to Chess, there is something for every student interest. And if you want to explore all that New York City has to offer, we help you do that through Stern’s Cohen Arts and Culture Experience and Experience NYC!