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Building Community

From the moment you arrive on campus, the NYU Stern Undergraduate College provides you with a community of friends and a network of support.

Cohort Community

On the first day of orientation, each freshmen joins a cohort and the purpose of the cohorts is to foster community at Stern both inside and outside of the classroom. Students begin their cohort experience at New Student Orientation and continue to build their cohort communities through curricular, co-curricular and social activities.

Class Representatives

Each class elects three student leaders to plan community building events throughout the year specific to the class.


The Cohen Arts & Culture Experience (CACE) introduces freshmen to the variety of arts and culture programming in New York City. Each CACE event accommodates a cohort and is led by a faculty or staff member. These events expose students to New York City's rich artistic and cultural diversity and provide the opportunity to engage with fellow classmates, faculty, and staff members.

Senior Social

Senior Social provides an opportunity for seniors to connect with their peers in an informal setting over food and refreshments.

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"During Welcome Week, Stern holds Orientation, which perfectly prepares you for freshman year. I became familiar with the neighborhood, found out more about what Stern has to offer, and grew close to those in my Cohort." - Matt Wilson (BPE '17)

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"My cohort is the first group of friends that I made at NYU. Some of my closest friends, to this day, are people I met in my Cohort during Welcome Week of my freshman year." - Adarsh Gupta (BS '16)