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The Cohort Community

From the moment you arrive on campus, the Stern Cohort Program provides you with a community of friends and a network of support.

Field Day smallOn your first day of orientation, you become part of a cohort that will be a source of friendship and support throughout your time at Stern. Every Stern community is named after one of the New York neighborhoods to increase awareness of your new home and emphasize that we are an integral part of New York City. Through the Cohort Leadership Program (CLP) during your freshman and sophomore year, you enjoy social events on and off campus, professional development forums, corporate visits, and more with members of your cohort.

Cohort Community: Student Views

Cassie Sanders Sidebar - Thumbnail
"I love the Stern Cohort Program! Walking in on my first day of college and knowing 60 people right off the bat was so reassuring." Cassie Sanders (BS '14)

Matt Wilson Thumbnail - Sidebar
"During Welcome Week, Stern holds Orientation, which perfectly prepares you for freshman year. I became familiar with the neighborhood, found out more about what Stern has to offer, and grew close to those in my Cohort." Matt Wilson (BPE '17).

Adarsh Gupta - Thumbnail for Sidebar
"My cohort is the first group of friends that I made at NYU. Some of my closest friends, to this day, are people I met in my Cohort during Welcome Week of my freshman year." Adarsh Gupta (BS '16)

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