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Stern International Volunteers

The Stern International Volunteers Program, an important component of NYU Stern’s Social Impact co-curricular programming, offers freshmen, sophomores and juniors the opportunity to travel to a developing country for 10 days in the spring to serve the needs of local communities. Through this program students gain a heightened inter-cultural awareness while deepening their commitment to community service.

As part of the program, students took a 2-credit pass/fail discussion-based course focused on:

  • Global economic development with an emphasis on poverty
  • Peruvian culture and history
  • An exploration of responsibilities and opportunity for impact
  • The role of business as an agent for social change
Through involvement in the program, we aspire to:
  • Broaden students’ understanding of the world and its economic disparities
  • Deepen the commitment to community service
  • Heighten social and inter-cultural awareness
  • Influence students' perspectives on the world as they become future business leaders

Supporting Communities Around the World: Student Views

"In San Carlos we painted an elementary school and befriended the students, singing songs from High School Musical and playing sports with them. We also interacted with many locals, which was an eye-opening experience. We heard from so many Costa Ricans who expressed their wish to vote in America’s presidential elections, since the U.S. economy and business relations have such a large effect on their country’s welfare.” Veena Bontu