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Ingo Walter

Ingo Walter

Joined Stern 1970

Leonard N. Stern School of Business
Kaufman Management Center
44 West Fourth Street, 9-95
New York, NY 10012

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Ingo Walter has been on the faculty at New York University since 1970. From 1971 to 1979 he was Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and subsequently served a number of terms as Chair of International Business and Chair of Finance. Subsequently he served as Director of the New York University Salomon Center for the Study of Financial Institutions from 1990 to 2003 and Director of the Stern Global Business Institute from 2003 to 2006 and the Stern Infrastructure Finance Initiative from 2017 to 2020. He served as Dean of the Faculty of the Stern School from 2008 to 2012.

He has had visiting professorial appointments at the Free University of Berlin, University of Mannheim, University of Zurich, University of Basel, the Institute for Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore, IESE in Spain, University of Western Australia and various other academic and research institutions. He also held a joint appointment as Professor of International Management at INSEAD in France and Singapore from 1986 to 2005, and remains a Visiting Professor there.

His current areas of academic activity include international financial intermediation and banking and infrastructure finance. He has published papers in many of the professional journals in international economics and finance, and is the author, co-author or editor of 28 books, most recently Bridging the Gaps: Public Pension Funds and Infrastructure Finance (London: 2019).

He has served as a consultant to various corporations, banks, government agencies and international institutions, and has held a number of board memberships.

Research Interests

  • The global financial services industry
  • Global investment, trade and monetary issues
  • Corporate governance, conducts and ethics

Courses Taught

  • Global Banking and Capital Markets
  • Infrastructure Finance
  • Integrated Risk Management in Financial Firms
  • Open-economy Macro
  • Private Banking and Wealth Management
  • Professional Responsibility and Corporate Governance

Academic Background

Ph.D., Economics, 1966
New York University

M.S., Business/Economics, 1963
Lehigh University

B.A., Economics, 1962
Lehigh University

Awards & Appointments

Bernhard Harms Prize in International Economics  

Selected Publications

C. Lipshitz, I. Walter (2020)
Public Pension Reform and the 49th Parallel: Lessons From Canada for the U.S.
Financial Markets, Institutions and Instruments, November 2020

I. Walter (2020)
Sense and Nonsense in ESG Scoring
Journal of Finance, Law and Accounting, November 2020

M. Schmid, A. Saunders, I. Walter (2020)
Strategic Scope and Bank Performance
Journal of Financial Stability. February 2020

J. Qiu, L. Tang, I. Walter (2018)
Hedge Fund Incentives, Management Commitment and Survivorship
Financial Markets and Portfolio Management, May 2018

Hoechle, D., M. Schmid, I. Walter and D. Yermack (2012)
How Much of the Diversification Discount Can Be Explained by Poor Governance?
Journal of Financial Economics., January 2012

Schmid, M. and I. Walter (2012)
Geographic Diversification and Firm Value in the Financial Services Industry
Journal of Empirical Finance, April 2012

R. Smith, I. Walter, G. De Long (2012)
Global Banking
Third Edition (New York: Oxford University Press, 2012)

V. Acharya, T. Cooley, M. Richardson, I. Walter (2011)
Regulating Wall Street
(New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2011)

M. Schmid, I. Walter (2009)
Do Financial Conglomerates Create or Destroy Economic Value?
Journal of Financial Intermediation. Vol. 23, April 2009

N. Krauss, I. Walter (2009)
Can Microfinance Reduce Portfolio Volatility?
Economic Development and Cultural Change. Vol. 58, October 2009

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Areas of Expertise


  • Globalization & Trade
  • International Economic Policy


  • Business Ethics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


  • Credit Risk/Default Risk
  • International Finance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Microfinance