External Research

The CSB has compiled interesting research, reports, videos and other forms of media concerning business and sustainability issues organized by topic. Please contact us if you have good content to suggest we include. Holly Williamson, Administrative Aide: hwilliam@stern.nyu.edu.

C-Suite Perspective

What do executives think about sustainability? How important do they think it is to their business? How are they responding to sustainability pressures?

Corporate Eco Forum: "Sustainability and the CFO". April 2015.

McKinsey: Interview with Unilever CEO Paul Polman. April 2015.

McKinsey: "Valuing Corporate Social Responsibility: McKinsey Global Survey Results". February 2009.

MIT Sloan Management Review: "The Business of Sustainability: What it Means to Managers Now". Fall 2009.


Consumer Insights and Marketing

How does a company's communication of sustainability goals affect consumers?  Does it result in increased loyalty, sales, etc.? 

BBMG, GlobeScan, SustainAbility: "Rethinking Consumption". 2012

BBMG and GlobeScan: "Five Human Aspirations". 2015.

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Havas Media: "Top scoring Meaningful Brands enjoy a Share of Wallet 46% higher than low performers". April 2015. 

Deloitte: "Finding the green in today’s shoppers Sustainability trends and new shopper insights". 2009.

The Circular Economy

Data Analytics

See four presentations on big data below, featured at CSB's Big Data event in 2016. Click here for a recap and video of the Big Data event.

Efficiency & Innovation

Has applying a sustainability lens to operations and value chains increased efficiency and sparked innovative products and services?

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UN Global Pulse. "Harnessing Big Data for Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Action."

Financial Performance

What is the relationship between sustainability, ESG, and CSR performance and financial performance?

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Trust Across America: "Return on Trust: The 'State of Trust' 2016." 2016.

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Human Resources

Does behavior and reputation as a sustainable company result in improved HR statistics related to retention, recruitment, morale or accidents and lawsuits?

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Does behavior and reputation as a sustainable company result in improved and more regular media coverage? 

Edelman Trust Barometer. 2016.

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Reputation Dividend: "2016 UK Reputation Dividend Report". 2016.

Risk Management

How does sustainability relate to risk management? How are critical issues like natural resource depletion and climate change affecting supply chains, transport, and manufacturing? How are businesses managing these new risks by applying sustainable practices?


Corporate Reputation Review: "Exploring the Financial Value of a Reputation for CSR During a Crisis". 2005

CSR and RepRisk: "Does Corporate Social Responsibility Performance Affect Reputational Risk?" April 2015.

The Conference Board: "The Link Between Brand Value and Sustainability". October 2013.

Supply Chain

Rainforest Alliance: "Sustainability as a Key Factor for Mitigating Risk in Agricultural Supply Chain Finance". January 2012.

Oxfam, Ceres, Calvert Investments: "Physical Risks from Climate Change: A guide for companies and investors on disclosure and management of climate impacts". May 2012.

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EUI Working Papers: "Can the Threat of Costly Litigation Be Incentive Enough for Companies to Engage in CSR?" 2009.

Stakeholder Engagement

Supply Chains

What are the benefits of applying sustainability throughout supply chains? How are companies better managing global supply chains to address risks and opportunitites related to sustainability?

Network for Business Sustainability: "Managing Sustainable Global Supply Chains".

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Sustainability Business Cases

Sustainability Reporting

​Sustainable Finance

True Cost Valuation

The UNEP Inquiry: "The Value of Everything". 2015.

Sustainable Investing

Robins, N., Krosinsky, C. & Viederman, S. "After the Credit Crisis." 2009.

DRAFT: Not for citation.

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