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Case Studies in Sustainable Business

The Center for Sustainable Business compiles case studies and other educational resources related to sustainable business on topics including finance, management, supply chain, and organizational development.

How can students best prepare for a world in which they will have to assess and manage sustainability (environmental, social and governance) issues in most functional roles — from marketing to finance?

CSB hopes to support students and faculty by publishing and recommending the case studies below that examine sustainability in a variety of roles and companies.

Recent Case Studies published by CSB and others:

Case Study Related Disciplines   Published
The Business Case for Sustainable Beer: Working with Growers to Adopt Nutrient Management Strategies with Anheuser-Busch Operations NYU Stern CSB (2023)
The Business Case for Sustainable Farming to Improve Biodiversity with Hero Group Operations NYU Stern CSB (2023)
The Business Case for Biocontrol Use - A Case Study on Combating Aflatoxins in Corn with Ingredion Operations, Supply Chain NYU Stern CSB (2023)
Natra Case Study: Measuring the Financial Return on Sustainability Investment in the Chocolate Industry Operations, Finance NYU Stern CSB (2022)
The Role of Private Equity in the Decline of a Major Forest Products Company Management, Operations NYU Stern CSB (2021)
The Campaign to Reenergize ExxonMobil  Management NYU Stern CSB (2021)
The Business Case for Implementing Sustainable Practices to Drive Financial Performance within the Automotive Sector  Operations, Finance, Management NYU Stern CSB and SASB (2021) 
The Business Case for Sustainable Apparel at EILEEN FISHER Operations, Finance NYU Stern CSB (2021)
Thinking "Out of the Box:" Up-cycling for Planet, People, & Profit Operations, Finance NYU Stern CSB (2020)
#OptOutside REI Co-op's Employee Wellbeing Programs Allign with Positive Financial Outcomes Management NYU Stern CSB (2020)
Martin Guitar: Navigating Sustainability and Legacy Operations, Supply Chain NYU Stern CSB (2020)
Innovating a New Business Model for Electric Utilities: Con Edison's Brooklyn & Queens Demand Management Project   Finance, Operations NYU Stern CSB (2019)
Greyston Bakery on Open Hiring for Social Enterprises and Traditional Firms Management, Organizational Behavior NYU Stern CSB (2019)
Parnassus Investments: A Contrarian, Socially Responsible Mutual Fund Manager  Finance NYU Stern CSB (2017)
Tyson Foods and Alternative Proteins: Where to Invest for Sustainable Growth  Strategic Planning, Finance WDI Publishing (2019)
Should a Pension Fund Try to Change the World? Inside GPIF's Embrace of ESG  Finance Harvard Business Publishing (2019)
Ending the Woes of Short-Termism: The Long-Term Stock Exchange Finance WDI Publishing (2019)
Michigan Dining: 20% Local by 2025   Operations, Management WDI Publishing (2019)
Danone: Adopting Integrated Reporting or Not? Accounting Harvard Business Publishing (2018)
Sustainability Through Open Innovation: Carlsberg and the Green Fiber Bottle  Operations, Product Development Harvard Business Publishing (2018)
Dell: Upcycling Ocean Plastics Through Supply Chain Innovation   Operations WDI Publishing (2018)
Ather Energy: Riding the Electric Vehicle Tide  Entrepreneurship Harvard Business Publishing (2018)