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Contact a Sternie

NYU Stern second-year Graduate Ambassadors are here to answer your questions

Interviews with the Admissions Committee are by invitation only, but we encourage you to contact current second-year MBA students to ask any questions about our program. Feel free to email them at or reach them by phone at 212-998-0616.

[FTMBA] GA Marc_500x33
Marc Weiner
Cherry Hill, New Jersey
[FTMBA] GA Stacey_500x333
Stacey Han
San Diego, California
Brand Management
[FTMBA] GA Jess.3_500x333
Jessica Bardy
New York, New York
Educational Consulting
[FTMBA] GA Munashe_500x333
Munashe Makava
Harare, Zimbabwe
Investment Banking
[FTMBA] GA Kyle_500x333
Kyle Boutin
Westford, Massachusetts
Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
[FTMBA] GA Todd_500x333
Todd Gardner
Lexington, North Carolina
[FTMBA] GA Gabriel_500x333
Gabriel Doria
Monterrey, Mexico
Finance & Entrepreneurship
[FTMBA] GA Zuha_500x333
Zuha Qazi
Dix Hill, New York
Investment Banking
[FTMBA] GA Janice_500x333
Janice Yong
Northport, New York
Media Consulting
[FTMBA] GA Bryan_500x333
Bryan Coughlin
New York, New York
Investment Banking
[FTMBA] GA Charlie_500x333
Charlie Wieser
Westport, Connecticut
[FTMBA] GA Sarah_500x333
Sarah Love
Los Altos, California
Technology & Marketing
[FTMBA] GA Dan_500x333.2
Dan Woldar
Woodbury, New York
Brand Management