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Selection Criteria

We seek students with both strong intellectual ability and superior interpersonal skills (IQ + EQ). We evaluate each candidate holistically based on his or her academic profile, professional achievements & aspirations, and personal characteristics.

1. Academic Profile

We seek students who will flourish in our academic program. Your academic profile is assessed through:

  • Quality of and performance in your prior academic program(s), as evidenced in your transcripts
  • General aptitude as measured by the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE)


  • NYU Stern has no minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) requirement and accounts for variances in grading systems around the world.
  • NYU Stern students have a variety of academic backgrounds, including liberal arts, science and business.
  • NYU Stern has no minimum standardized test score requirements. We consider only your highest overall GMAT or GRE score (from one exam date) and highest overall TOEFL score (from one exam date, if required.) Therefore, feel free to re-take a test if you believe you can improve your performance.

2. Professional Achievements and Aspirations

We seek students with a proven track record of success, a high potential for future leadership, and a well-articulated plan to achieve their short- and long-term goals. In particular, successful applicants will articulate why the Langone Part-time MBA program is best suited to their professional goals and will clearly explain their scheduling preferences. Professional achievements and aspirations are primarily assessed by:

  • Résumé/Work History
  • Essay 1
  • Professional Recommendations
  • Most applicants have between one and fifteen years of work experience and come from a variety of professional backgrounds, such as consulting, financial services, entertainment, consumer products, nonprofit and technology. Because we value the diversity of our applicants' backgrounds, no industry is favored over another.
  • The Admissions Committee evaluates work experience not only in terms of years, but also in regard to depth and breadth of an individual's experience, responsibilities and progression.
  • Although academic work and internships do not count toward professional work experience, Stern reviews all work experience as part of the admission decision.
  • Work experience is not required to apply.

3. Personal Characteristics

We value students with both intellectual and interpersonal strengths. We seek students who embody Stern's values of mutual support and collaboration and who will be passionate, engaged participants in the Stern community. These personal characteristics are often evidenced in:

  • Essays 1 and 2
  • Professional Recommendations
  • Activities and Achievements