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Business and Political Economy (BPE) Degree

Travel the globe while earning your BPE degree


Stern’s Business and Political Economy degree will provide you with a unique global perspective that focuses on the connections between business, politics and economics and includes two full semesters of global study, with an option for a third semester away.
The BPE degree merges liberal arts, social impact learning, and co-curricular experiences - while still offering you flexibility to pursue your individual interests. The two required semesters of global study, in addition to the hallmark International Studies Program (ISP), will give you a real-world understanding of today's global business environment. The well-rounded BPE degree prepares you for the broadest array of international business careers – be it in multinational corporations, government, non-profit organizations, and more.

Throughout your four years, you will:
  • Take tailored BPE courses as well as business courses with students in Stern’s core program.
  • Study abroad at NYU’s campus in London (sophomore Fall semester), Shanghai (sophomore Spring semester), and an optional third semester away where you will be able to fulfill the BPE requirements.
  • Participate in the ISP Program (optional).
  • Choose elective courses from across the University and be able to pursue a minor outside of Stern.