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Student & Alumni Spotlight of the Month

October 2013

Anisha Patel (BS'14)

UGRAD Student Perspectives - Anisha Patel LARGE

“Clubs do such a great job of reaching out to new members, so as early as freshman year I was involved in the Student Council and the Finance Society in addition to PDS. I also joined NYU’s Civic Team, which partners with agencies throughout New York City to perform community service,” says Anisha Patel (BS'14) an active Stern student, who began exploring her interests outside the classroom and discovered an abundance of co-curricular activities.

Anisha currently serves as a student ambassador on the NYU Stern Street Team. She was also a Stern Cohort Director. Anisha says her most memorable Stern experiences are events that get students to come out and interact with each other while having fun. As a Stern Cohort Director, “I’ve been able to do a scavenger hunt of the city, go zombie laser tagging, watch Broadway shows, and play billiards and ping-pong with my fellow classmates. The All-University games also bring Stern students together as we compete against other NYU schools in a variety of sports and activities, which promotes Stern pride and unity within the School.”

Anisha has also studied abroad at NYU in London, and has discovered that Stern’s community extends across international borders. “The student body size is a lot smaller in London, which encourages everyone to take the time to reach out and meet new people, maybe grab a meal together. This openness and friendliness is reinforced through the programming events and day trips NYU London plans because we start seeing the same faces and doing activities together.” Anisha adds that reduced class sizes abroad also contribute to a more close-knit community feel. “There are only nine students in my Finance course, so not only have we gotten to know each other well, but each of us is also able to have a more open dialogue with the professor and gain a stronger grasp of the material.”

No matter where she is in the world, Anisha says Stern kinship is pervasive. “What I’ve found through all these experiences is that it’s connected me to so many great students from all backgrounds and class levels. Getting involved has helped me create a network of friends and build my own ‘community’ within the larger Stern community that I anticipate will last even after I leave Stern.”