Becoming You with Suzy Welch

The cover of "Becoming You with Suzy Welch"

Have you ever wondered, “What should I do with my life?” Or, “Should I stay or should I go?” Or, “Is there anyone out there who actually tells the freaking truth about life and work today, but also does not leave me in despair?”

Wonder no more! The “Becoming You” podcast has arrived, hosted by Professor of Management Practice Suzy Welch, the business journalist-turned-professor at the helm of NYU’s wildly popular self-discovery class by the same name. A three New York Times best-seller and frequent contributor to the Today Show and the Wall Street Journal, Professor Welch is considered a leading expert on decision-making, and the discovery and pursuit of authentic purpose. But virtually no topic is off-bounds in her irreverent new podcast, from parenting fails (including her own) to perfect poems (none of her own, thank God.) Also included: Pointed opinions on dogs, Gen Z, marriage, credit default swaps, golf skirts, career killing mistakes, and under-appreciated TV shows you really have to see immediately. OK, there is actually nothing in the podcast about credit default swaps.

Tune in every week to laugh, learn, get riled up, get calmed down, and basically get closer to becoming you, joyfully, in this crazy, upside-down, scary, messy, and altogether beautiful world we share.

Listen to the podcast here.