Beyond AI: ChatGPT, Web3, and the Business Landscape of Tomorrow

Beyond AI Book Cover

By Xi Chen

Beyond AI explores the transformative potential of ChatGPT, Web3, and their impact on productivity and various industries. It delves into Generative AI (GenAI) and its representative platform ChatGPT, their synergy with Web3, and how they can revolutionize business operations. It covers the potential impact surpassing prior industrial revolutions.

After providing an overview of GenAI, ChatGPT, and Web3, this book investigates business applications in various industries and areas, such as product management, finance, real estate, gaming, and government, highlighting value creation and operational revolution through their integration. It also explores their impact on content generation, customer service, personalization, and data analysis and examines how the technologies can enhance content quality, customer experiences, sales, revenue, and resource efficiency. Moreover, it addresses security, privacy, and ethics concerns, emphasizing the responsible implementation of ChatGPT and Web3.

Written by experts in this field, Beyond AI is aimed at business leaders, entrepreneurs, students, investors, and professionals who are seeking insights into ChatGPT, ChatGPT Plug-in, GPT-based autonomous agents, and the integration of Gen AI and Web3 in business applications.

The book is edited by NYU Stern Professor Xi Chen, Ken Huang and Yang Wang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Feng Zhu (Harvard University), and Chunxiao Xing (Tsinghua University).

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