The Heart of Teaching Economics: Lessons from Leading Minds

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"The Heart of Teaching Economics" is a marvelously entertaining and lively book. All who read it cannot help but come away from the experience with a richly enhanced understanding of the power, virtue and importance of teaching.        -- Wayne Geerling, The Business Economist
By Simon Bowmaker, Clinical Associate Professor of Economics
In his recent book, Clinical Associate Professor of Economics Simon Bowmaker offers a collection of interviews conducted face-to-face with leading economists at universities throughout the United States. Presented with the singular opportunity to reflect on and share their wisdom and experience, the 21 interviewees discuss how they interpret, understand and practice their role as teachers. In addition to providing lessons that will inform the way others teach, the interviews shatter the illusion that teaching and research are strictly independent and competing activities. Contributors to the book include Stern Professors William Greene and Luis Cabral, as well as Stern Research Scholar Robert Frank.

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