Research Highlights

Faculty Insights Series on “Current and Future Trends”

The world around us continues to change in dramatic and unprecedented ways. Building on the success of Stern’s 2020 “Faculty Insights: Covid-19 and NYC” video seminar series introduced by Vice Dean of MBA and Graduate Programs J.P. Eggers and Senior Associate Dean of MBA and Graduate Programs Paula Steisel Goldfarb, this spring the school launched a second Faculty Insights series on “Current and Future Trends.” In each session, faculty members discussed a business issue, how it has developed over time, and speculated about where it may be headed. The series, which ran from March 2021 through May 2021, was moderated and led by Professors Lisa Leslie and Julian Yeo. 

Please see the video series below: 

Professor Arpit Gupta and NYU School of Professional Studies Professor Sam Chandan, Associate Dean, Schack Institute of Real Estate
The Future of NYC Real Estate"


Professor Adam Alter
“The Possible Futures of Tech: From Tech Utopias to Tech Dystopias”

Professor Melissa Schilling
"Batteries, Electrification, Platforms and Data: How a Convergence in New Technologies Will Change the World"


Professor Kathleen DeRose 
“Roblox and Robinhood: Gamified Retail Trading; Fad or Future?”

Professor April Klein
Shareholder Activism and Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG)


Professors Amal Shehata and Hanna Halaburda
Blockchain and the Tokenization of Assets: How Will Our Lives Change?


Professor Dolly Chugh
How Good People Will Fight Bias in the Future


Professor Joost van Dreunen
Video Games & the Future of Entertainment


Professor Amy Webb
Strategic Foresight: How to Tell Signals from Noise