Flex of Worker Power Raises the Stakes for Quality Jobs.

Tensie Whelan

By Tensie Whelan and Ulrich Atz

Investors focused on societal impact are often concerned with corporate treatment of workers.   

To assess job quality performance across a portfolio, they generally rely upon environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting metrics.  Unfortunately, our research has found that current ESG reporting metrics do not capture indicators of whether a company is providing quality jobs.  Critical job-related metrics such as the share of employees making a living wage, cost of turnover, or value of benefits are rarely tracked or reported. 

Yet, investors, regulators, and the managers themselves rely on that incomplete data to make decisions that have a significant impact on employees, society, and the bottom line.  

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Tensie Whelan is a Clinical Professor of Business and Society and Director of the Center for Sustainable Business.