Humanizing the Remote Experience Through Leadership and Coaching

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By Diane Lennard

This book responds to the growing need for understanding how we can foster wellness, raise engagement, and strengthen connections in professional contexts as human interactions become increasingly remote.

Through research and case studies, NYU Stern Professor Diane Lennard and her co-author Amy Mednick outline a paradox: the digital technology we use to connect with others can leave us feeling less connected. To understand what is missing from remote interactions, the authors examine the use of space, sensory cues, group dynamics, and challenges people encounter when the innate need for human connection is unmet. They provide practical advice to improve remote experiences, including ways to manage stress, avoid cognitive overload, and prevent burnout. Ultimately, the book highlights what is possible when we focus not only on the quantity and efficiency of our interactions, but also on the quality and depth of our human connections.

The contemporary relevance of this topic makes the book essential for leaders, coaches, consultants, and other professionals working remotely, as well as students and interested individuals seeking to improve their personal and professional remote experiences.

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