‘Lazy Girl Jobs’ Won’t Make Gen Z Less Anxious.

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By Suzy Welch

Just when you thought Gen Z couldn’t get more annoying, it has a new trend: Lazy Girl Jobs. According to a 20-something self-styled life coach on TikTok, this entails leaning into, no, not exciting and meaningful careers—take that, Sheryl Sandberg—but low-stress, mostly or completely remote jobs paying $60,000 to $80,000 so that you can enjoy lives of non-work-focused safety and comfort. She recommends looking for openings like “Marketing Associate” and “Customer Success Manager” and in one video declares (if one can declare anything in a monotone): “The whole point is for us to go live our lives and be amazing humans.”

Bill and Ted, hold my beer.

As next-level as this trend feels, it doesn’t surprise me. I get some of the most ambitious members of Gen Z in my classes at NYU’s Stern School of Business. They are the 20-somethings who have bought into the system. The ones who are willing to admit they like work for work’s sake and wouldn’t object to two cars and a vacation home—that is, of course, as long as their jobs benefit humanity along with shareholders.

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Suzy Welch is a Professor at NYU Stern.