The Perfect Timing of Bill Belichick.

suzy welch headshot

By Suzy Welch

Say what you will about his final seasons, former New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick’s career cannot be denied. And of all the things he was great at along the way, perhaps the greatest was his timing.

He picked up Tom Brady before anyone knew he was even alive. The list of Belichick’s other prescient moves goes on, but the six Super Bowl rings speak for themselves.

Forget football, though. For students of business, Belichick’s done it again. He’s gone and made himself a case study in reinvention. Make no mistake, his reinvention has been big, messy, and late in the game of his career, but it has also been filled with public displays of grace and hope.

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Suzy Welch is Professor of Management Practice at NYU Stern.