Cover of Derivatives

By Rangarajan Sundaram and Sanjiv Das

By Rangarajan Sundaram and Sanjiv Das

It has been the authors' experience that the overwhelming majority of students in MBA derivatives courses go on to careers where a deep conceptual, rather than solely mathematical, understanding of products and models is required. The first edition of Derivatives looks to create precisely such a blended approach, one that is formal and rigorous, yet intuitive and accessible.

The main body of this book is divided into six parts. Parts 1-3 cover, respectively, futures and forwards; options; and swaps. Part 4 examines term-structure modeling and the pricing of interest-rate derivatives, while Part 5 is concerned with credit derivatives and the modeling of credit risk. Part 6 discusses computational issues. 

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Rangarajan K. Sundaram is the Vice Dean of MBA Programs and the Edward I. Altman Professor of Credit & Debt Markets and Professor of Finance.