Rethinking the Research Model

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By Russell S. Winer, Stefan Stremersch, Nuno Camacho
Why it’s imperative that business schools reward faculty for the quality and creativity of their research—not merely the quantity.

For many business schools, their faculty’s academic research is a main pillar of their business models. They allocate a large part of their resources to scholarship in the form of faculty time, centers, labs, and budgets. Yet, does the research conducted by today’s business school professors truly add value to the schools that employ them? Does it add value to students, to firms, and to society as a whole?

Not nearly enough. In fact, when we recently conducted our own research, based on a survey of deans and faculty, our findings substantiated prior claims that the business school research model is broken. Here, we share some results from that study to shed some light on the problem with business school research and offer several solutions.

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Russell Winer is William H. Joyce Professor of Marketing.