Research Highlights

NYU Stern Professor Melissa Schilling Appointed to National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Committee

NYU Stern Professor Melissa Schilling has been appointed to the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Overcoming Barriers to Electric Vehicle Deployment. The committee will study the technological, infrastructural and behavioral barriers to widespread adoption of electric vehicles in the United States. Over the course of two years, Schilling and fellow committee members will evaluate past incentive programs and provide recommendations to Congress on the potential role of government in encouraging a greater shift to electric and hybrid transportation.

“Electric cars offer a number of potential benefits for the environment and energy independence, but adoption has been slow in the US,” explains Schilling. “I’m thrilled to take part in this committee, studying the market, understanding the obstacles that electric vehicle manufacturers face and exploring ways that government might influence the future of transportation in the US. What’s more, our findings will guide business and policy in this important sector and, ultimately, may lead to reductions in both our ecological footprint and reliance on oil.”

An expert in technological change and innovation, Schilling has done extensive research on technology standards battles and how to accelerate innovation adoption in the presence of network externalities, where an innovation's success hinges on the coordination of multiple stakeholders. She also studies technology trajectories in the renewable energy sector and wrote a case study about Honda's development of its hybrid electric vehicle, the Insight. At NYU Stern, Schilling teaches courses in strategic management and technology and innovation management.