Global Study

MBA Students Take “Doing Business in… China” Course

In January, a group of MBA students traveled to Hong Kong for the “Doing Business in (DBi) China” course. Students attended lectures at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) on topics including social issues, operations management and corporate strategy in China. Highlights of the trip also included company visits to Sky 100, Ocean Park and Cathay Pacific.

“DBi Hong Kong was a valuable part of my MBA experience,” said MBA student Gwendolyn Melnyk. “It gave me the opportunity to really connect and network with both full-time and Langone Part-time MBA students. In addition to extending my Stern network, I was able to meet and network with students at HKUST, the partner university. There is no better way to learn the culture and business practices of another country than living and working in the country itself. If my manager asked me now what we would need to consider in order to sell our product in China, I believe I could provide a strong foundation of the issues we should investigate as a result of this experience.”