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MBA Students Take "Doing Business in… Costa Rica" Course

In March, a group of MBA students traveled to San Jose for the Spring 2014 "Doing Business in... Costa Rica" course. Students attended classes at INCAE Business School to learn more about the Costa Rican economy, sustainable development and responsible labor practices. They also visited the La Paz Waterfall and toured Tico Electronics, General Microcircuits and Coyol Energy Company.

“Despite being a small Central American country, Costa Rica is a model for sustainable development,” explained MBA student Michael Strange. "The country’s historically agrarian economy has in recent years shifted to manufacturing and highly automated processes. While agriculture used to account for 90 percent of GDP, new industries (high-tech, aerospace, medical devices) have taken hold in this near-shore nation that offers a highly skilled labor force and a stable political regime. Costa Rica continues to uphold its vow to remain sustainable, aiming to provide positive gains to the current generation while ensuring that it leaves the environment healthy and productive for the future. Although the concept of sustainability can seem obscure, Costa Rica has demonstrated that it is much more than just a feel-good idea. It can yield positive externalities while also minimizing negative impacts. Private industry has teamed up with the government as Costa Rica works to minimize its footprint and find ways to grow responsibly. Altogether, the country is on course to become a leader in the global effort to marry economic growth and production with sustainable practices. Our DBi group returned to New York carrying unforgettable experiences, such as catching the first wave during surf lessons and overcoming a fear of heights flying across a 1,000-foot-zipline. Most important, we returned with an awareness and charge to incorporate sustainable practices into our own lives, our communities and our companies.”