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MBA Students Take 2018 "Doing Business in… Israel" Course

In January, a group of MBA students traveled to Tel Aviv for the “Doing Business in (DBi) Israel” course. Students attended lectures at Tel Aviv University on entrepreneurship and innovation in Israel, particularly in new media and the biotech industry. Additionally, the group explored the historic area with a tours of Jaffa and Jerusalem before making corporate visits to Ayeka, sFBI, Nano Dimension and IDE Technologies.

“I love traveling and exploring new cultures. The DBi program gives me the opportunity to do that in a way that provides a completely different experience than when traveling as a tourist on your own,” said MBA student EvaRose Dwyer. “The DBi connects you to people and businesses in the host country in a deeper way, providing a unique perspective. It is valuable as an MBA to learn both what is divergent across cultures as well as what is similar. This helps us to think more globally in our work and to communicate more effectively across cultures. It also exposes you to new environments and ideologies that can broaden the mind and spark innovative ideas.”
A complete photo gallery from the trip can be viewed here

Group of MBA students in Israel

Group of MBA students in Israel

Presentation during the MBA trip in Israel